Single: Robin Stjernberg – “Pieces” (2013)

I can’t seem to keep away from Eurovision, can I? Last week I took a look at what this year’s entrants were doing now, but Sweden’s Robin Stjernberg decided I should wait a little longer. But today he’s back with a new single, the title track from his album “Pieces” that was released earlier this just. I suppose it’s not quite a new single then is it… but it’s new to me, so whatever.

robin stjernberg piecesFor those of you even further behind than me, Robin was chosen to be the Eurovision entry for host nation Sweden when the contest came to Malmö back in May. It was an amazing show, and I was so pleased when Robin qualified for it via Sweden’s massively popular Melodifestivalen selection programme. His entry “You” was exhilarating and made great use of Robin’s incredible vocal range (and big smile).

But we can’t live in Eurovision forever, so “Pieces” is the latest song Robin has released as a single. I really like it, this is the first time I’ve heard it and has definitely made me interested to hear the album. His vocal range is still being tested to its limit, and there are shades of “You” in there, especially when those big dramatic drums being beaten in the background kick in. But it’s not a “You” clone at all, there’s no high-NRG beat here.

robin stjernberg you sweden eurovisionIt’s more of a gentle piano-driven mid-tempo with some lovely strings in the mix too. His voice is so lovely though, he shifts into those higher keys so easily, and versatile without too much vocal acrobatics. The chorus might be a bit repetitive but it’s got power behind it. I think I like the later verses though, you know I love those strings…

I hope we don’t have to wait too much longer before more Robin material, I think some Swedish pop is missing from my life at the moment. For some reason I haven’t got around to that Saade album… hmm we will see. Anyway, good stuff!

By the way I was a bit early, the video isn’t out for a few days, so here’s a dodgy fan-made lyric video for now…


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