Procrastination Station

I’m sick. Well I’m not really, I’ve had a runny nose for a few weeks, and a few big lunches that have made me feel all bloaty and unpleasant. Moreso than normal anyway. Also I’m super busy at work, hoping the big project I have to BIRTH at noon on Friday will come out with all 10 toes and fingers. As a result I’m indulging myself a little too much, and squandering my free time.

pikachu 3ds xlI blame Pokemon, you know. “Pokemon Y” is still amazing, and I’m planning to polish off my fourth gym badge tonight before bed. Not that I’m in danger of winning any badges at my actual gym, having not seen the inside of it since Friday. But I’m sick, you see! *cough*

Instead I had a Chinese takeaway and watched the semi-final of Great British Bake Off (curse you, Ruby). Then ate jelly and custard. I even had a bloody Christmas sandwich for lunch, it’s OCTOBER! It was alright, the leaves were a bit tough though, would’ve preferred lettuce but I don’t suppose that’s very Christmassy is it? Not that it matters, it’s over two months until Christmas.

What I SHOULD have been doing was trying to sort out stuff for a job I’m applying for. I’ve said too much already! Give it a fortnight and maybe we’ll talk, I don’t need the pressure. Maybe I need a bit of pressure, because I’ve done bugger all so far. Maybe the weekend… I need a shave too but I’m too lazy to sort that out. It’s all itchy today.

I doubt I’m going to get much done tonight, I couldn’t even finish this – let’s face it, pretty poor – blog post without unsuccessfully browsing Amazon for a Pikachu 3DS XL (now over double the original price now, bugger that). Might just get a nice blue one if I can palm the old one off on someone for a decent price. Ho hum. I just hope my original Game Boy is up in the loft somewhere, as that’s all RETRO (i.e. valuable) now.

I just feel bad for my Animal Crossing villagers, those poor neglected bastards. 😦 I will return soon!


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