Single: Lissie – Further away (Romance police) (2013)

I know I’m a little behind again, but perhaps not as far behind as last month’s review of Lissie’s amazing “When I’m Alone“. “Further Away” is Lissie’s comeback hit to herald the release of her new album “Back to forever”.

lissie further awayI guess I had her down as a bit of a country chick, guitar-toting alternative music, that sort of thing. But that’s shaken up with this new single, being a much more uptempo number.

The tempo never lets up, with that steady and subtle synth bed running under the action, with a great build during the song. Lazy comparison would be a less po-faced version of Florence + the Machine, but I feel like it reminds me a bit of Fleetwood Mac more than anything, perhaps some Eurythmics?

Really love it though. It doesn’t work in quite the same way as “When I’m Alone”, when I was hanging on her every word; “Further Away” leaves her in a little danger of being a bit drowned out, particularly as the chorus isn’t super-catchy yet.

It’s almost like a soft dance remix to a more sedate song, but I’m glad it’s not. I need to listen to a Lissie album, not sure if I should start with the earlier one or not. But at least I’ve enjoyed both sounds I’ve heard from her so far, and this latest single gives me a lot of hope that I can get onboard with Team Lissie!


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