Eurovision 2013: Life after Malmö

You know, some singer might even entertain the idea of success after Eurovision. I mean look at ABBA and Celine Dion, the list goes on (but perhaps not for too long). While Eurovision gathered 39 acts together in Malmö in fierce competition, life still goes on. Many never planned a big album campaign after, some go into retirement, others return to their regional markets and some reap the benefits of the exposure in otherwise inaccessible parts of Europe.

So now we are about 4 months down the road, and the class of 2013 have popped out a handful of new songs. Let’s see if they are up to scratch.

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

Finland Krista Siegfrids – Amen

Finland Krista Siegfrids Marry MeKrista grabbed everyone’s attention with her wedding anthem “Marry me“, but it seems the honeymoon is over, with her follow-up turning her back on her lover, leaving her open for some empowerment. She must be cold in Finland in those clothes…

Anyway, this seems to suit her vocal than the high-pitched Barbie Girl schtick of her Eurovision entry. It’s pretty much a Ke$ha/Christina/Gaga kind of track, but that’s a pretty hot chorus. By the end it’s really catchy, not bad for a first listen!

Finland Krista Siegfrids – Can you see me?

After the exuberance of the “Marry Me” and “Amen”, Krista debuted her next single only a week ago, and she’s in ballad mode. It reminds me of Ellie Goulding, that delicate vocal, though the song itself is a bit more individual. It’s the sort of ballad you might hear at Melodifestivalen.

It’s a lovely simple video, and again rather catchy. I might see if I can track down the album, that’s 3 great tracks straight away. Well done, Krista!

Belgium Roberto Bellarosa – Suivre mon étoile

Roberto Bellarosa shirtlessDear Roberto was the surprise hit of 2013, and came 2nd in my ranking with “Love Kills“. His followup is amazing, I’m totally into this. A bit of a funky disco electro pop song, Roberto sounds a lot more comfortable in French, and it’s a confident vocal.

Love this, bring on the album! I hadn’t really expected he’d come out with something as good as this, as much as I loved “Love Kills”. Love the haircut too! *dies*

Estonia Birgit Õigemeel – Sea of life

Wow, what a curveball, I think this might be a feature credit on Violina’s single (whoever it is), but after her gorgeous ballad “Et uus saaks alguse” I guess I didn’t expect a full-on EDM track.

It’s not exactly groundbreaking stuff, all very uplifting and has some wonderful strings in there, but it’s a bit of a generic eurodance track with a superior vocal. This must be a little older though, as she’s not looking pregnant there. It’s a striking video though, so much going on, and some EXTREME make-up too. Interesting!

Estonia Birgit Õigemeel – Nii taiuslik see

Now this is more what I expected, it’s beautifully upbeat and her voice still sounds gorgeous. Sure it’s not exactly breaking ground with that Jason Mraz-brand of sun-drenched love song, but it’s definitely easy to listen to.

Birgit’s just had her baby by the way, a son, congratulations! I hope to hear more from her soon.

Germany Cascada – The world is in my hands

cascada eurovision germany gloriousEurovision didn’t go quite the way Cascada probably hoped, nor the way people expected, but “Glorious” was still a great song. It hasn’t dampened Natalie’s spirits though, and we’ve got another slice of uplifting EDM to keep us happy.

Cascada weren’t really known as pioneers of dance music or anything, and it’s probably not a surprise to hear this is a bit of an Avicii knock-off, but it’s well-done and a step up from the usual Cascada fodder they’ve paid the bills with for nearly 10 years!

United Bonnie Tyler – This is gonna hurt

I doubt many expected the UK to clean up in Malmö, but Bonnie gave it her best shot and soaked up the amazingly goodwill towards her, and even came 2nd of the Big Five nations, who saw that coming? Bonnie was armed with an album to shift in Europe though, and single have followed. Not that you’d know in the UK, the whole project sank without a trace as expected, poor woman.

The song is really full-on and quite impressive really. I don’t want to patronise with low expectations, but for all the Bon Jovi guitars there’s a great energy and it somehow sounds quite contemporary!

United Bonnie Tyler – Love is the knife

If “This is gonna hurt” was a bit surprising, “Love is the knife” fits more in with the expectation of a singer like Bonnie at her stage of her career, particularly with the sound “Believe in me” came with. Her distinctive vocal sounds… distinctive as ever, but there’s still some power in there.

Ultimately it’s not really my thing, as I expected, but I can totally see the enduring appeal in Bonnie as an artist.

Sweden Robin Stjernberg – Crime

robin stjernberg you sweden eurovision 2Since “You” was one of my very favourites of this year’s contest, I wondered what Robin’s ‘sound’ would end up being. He’s certainly got a huge voice and a crazy falsetto, it would at least be worth a listen.

“Crime” surprisingly takes a bit of a detour into Kelly Clarkson country, with that pop-rock sound, a bit like Adam Lambert too. He sells it though, his vocal really holds it together, it means the production can be that much bigger without him being drowned out. I must listen to his album, Swedes are usually ones to watch!

Denmark Emmelie de Forest – Hunter & Prey

So the winner Emmelie may not have had anywhere near the lasting success with her victory song as Loreen did, but then who in recent memory had? Though one benefit was that she had an album ready to go immediately.

There are things I like about it, that “Running up that hill” rhythm, her breathy vocals. I’m just not quite sold on the chorus. It’s perfectly good as a song, but it’s just not quite grabbing me. The tone is different but it doesn’t feel a million miles from “Only Teardrops“, only it’s not as good. But then I didn’t really love that song until after the contest, so maybe this is a grower too.

Iceland Eyþór Ingi – Hárin rísa

eythor ingi eg a lif iceland eurovisonEyþór melted my heart in Malmö with his warm and tender “Ég á líf“, and was I think a bit of a sleeper hit at the contest. But his next single feels like a totally different artist.

While the voice has the same great range, the tone is all different. It’s a much rockier number, with a nice middle-eight taking the edge off. Not really my cup of tea though, but it sounds very accomplished.

Italy Marco Mengoni – Pronto a correre

Marco was a big European star before Malmö, winning MTV awards and success across the continent, so it’s no surprise that he had an album lined up. The tempo is much bouncier than his gorgeous ballad “L’essenziale“, and while I really loved that, Marco singing on something more energetic is really quite wonderful.

He had all the presence of a broom on-stage in Malmö, but this song might sell him to me after all. Earring aside, he’s pretty sexy too. The energy isn’t quite enough for me to stop getting a bit fidgety by the end, but I like it.

Italy Marco Mengoni – Non passerai

One more from Marco, and erm… that video? He we.ars a box on his head the whole time. Sorry, SPOILER, that’s him underneath. If I don’t have anything nice to look out, I’d better hope the song’s good. Oops, not really doing it for me. It’s your bog standard midtempo really. I’ll tread carefully with this guy, I’m not sure I quite ‘get’ it yet.

Norway Margaret Berger – Human Race

Norway Margaret Berger I Feed You My LoveOf all the follow-up singles, I think the prospect of a Margaret follow-up was perhaps the most exciting. “Feed you my love” was a brilliant Eurovision entry, and wowed many people across Europe who normally write off Eurovision as out of step with contemporary tastes.

“Human Race” keeps her at the forefront of futuristic electropop, and plugs the gap while Robyn gets another album ready. It’s growing on me, it didn’t grab me the first time, but I hear different things each time now. Looking forward to her new album “New Religion” even more now, I think.

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