Square eyed otaku

I bought an iPad a few weeks ago. I felt terribly guilty about it because it’s a bit of an extravagant spend, but I’d been thinking about them for so long that I ended up splurging for it after giving in a bunch of overtime forms. It’s very shiny and bright, and I’m still exploring what it’s capable of.

I took it on holiday, which meant I could surf and blog etc without having to bring my chunky laptop with me. It’s also rather good for watching videos, and I’ve stumbled upon a great app called Crunchyroll. It’s one manifestation of their service that allows you to stream Japanese anime and dramas legally, thanks to deals with Japanese TV networks.

Now aside from Ghibli movies and a few odds and sods I’ve tried out along the way, anime seems like such a huge world that I’m a bit overwhelmed, so I’m just starting off with cutesy anime things that have interesting-sounding titles. I sort of like the ones set in fairly mundane environments but with crazy stuff going on. I prefer it to be funny too, the more philosophical ones tend to lose my interest fairly quickly, maybe it’s the translations that make a lot of the dialogue sound ridiculous, I don’t know.

But I’ve started watching “Chronicles of the Going Home Club”, following the pursuits of five schoolgirls trying to have as much fun as possible in their after-school club. There’s not much of an ongoing narrative yet, 5 episodes in, it’s more a segmented set of funny situations, like Peanuts or Garfield or something. The humour might be a little difficult to translate I think (I read the english subtitles) but it’s enjoyable and quite addictive so far.

anime ipadIt will be interesting to see what other things are on there. It seems to have a lot of Naruto, that’s a biggie, but I know nothing about it. I’ve also downloaded a free Manga viewer so I can read all sorts of translated manga comics for free, which really IS good on the iPad, having used the iPhone in the past.

BTW if you didn’t know what an otaku is, it’s a slightly disparaging term for a big fan of something, normally anime and manga, and is probably best explained as a parallel to “geek” or “nerd”. Neither word is supposed to be mortally offensive, and people even wear it as a badge of honour now. I might not have the discipline to be an otaku yet, but I could go that way I think!



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