Single: Chvrches – “The mother we share” (2013)

I’m so pleased that @stuartgarlick alerted me to the existence of Chvrches a few weeks ago. Well not their existence, I had heard of them in passing on the usual “Ones to watch” lists that I avoid because they’re normally filled with worthy indie stuff that I have no business listening to. My interest was piqued more at the mention in the same breath as Robyn. I need more bloops and bleeps in my life, and it seems like I might have found the right place.

chvrches the mother we shareAt least I can appreciate the reason behind their name, they say it’s just so they’d come top in Google searches, instead of being called Churches. As a shambolic blog writer, I’ve picked up a few tricks in getting traffic. (PS Ott Lepland penis gay)

Chvrches hail from Scotland, but I won’t hold it against them (ohhh #banter), and “The mother we share” is a hot laid-back muddle of synths, juddering electro bits and cute-as-pie vocals from Lauren Mayberry. Actually there seems to be a lot of cool synth-pop at the moment, not really selling much but still there and getting Popjustice & co. getting all whipped up into a frenzy.

chvrchesIt’s a catchy and immersive track, very easy to take in. Actually it just feels a bit like a female-vocalled Frankmusik track, am I right? I’ve just got the album lined up for some spins so I’ll let you know how that goes in a few weeks, if I’m cool enough to listen without melting like the Nazi in Raiders of the Lost Ark. If it’s anywhere approaching Robyn’s last album I’ll be happy.


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