Putting the X & Y into “I’m so excyted” – Pokemon’s back

I’m not really jet-lagged, I mean I’ve only been two time-zones away, I think I’m sick of bloody coaches. The international flight part was relatively brief, but I’ve spent about 8 hours today just waiting to go somewhere. Boo hoo, whatever, I’m home now, but I’m tired so you’re just getting a short thing about how EXCITED I AM about Pokemon X & Y, which is ‘dropping’ in little over a week.

For a change, Game Freak are releasing the latest generation to the Pokemon saga – and the first on the 3DS – simultaneously worldwide, instead of the typically long lead time after the initial Japanese release. Sounds good to me, but that’s a minor detail when you see how this iteration of Pokemon seems to be a lot more ambitious than previous updates.

The graphics are one of the big updates, with much improved animations in fights (they look awesome). The whole game will also be rendered in 3D polygons, or something. Fancy that! As with all the new generations, Generation 6 brings new Pokemon, with several interesting ones revealed. Sure they’ll be a bit contentious, especially weird ones like the keyring Pokemon, but I do love the chance to keep up my collection. I’ve got them all so far, so I’ll have more impetus to play this one.

pokemon yEven more exciting, and a great compromise for the haters who wish it had been the original 151 generation wheeled out time and again (there was plenty of crap there too, dontcha know), there’s the introduction of the Mega Stone. This has the ability to transform previously fully-evolved Pokemon like Charizard and Mewtwo into “Mega evolved” forms while in battle. It seems they won’t evolve permanently, just get a bit roided up for fights. Looks awesome anyway. No peeks at a Mega Pikachu yet, but then I guess Raichu was less cute so perhaps nobody cares.

There is the usual blizzard of new features too, many of which probably feel a bit too much (what about that dream forest stuff from the last generation?). But there’s sky battles, and all sorts of connectivity online and via Streetpass. Less is more, I hope they keep it simple. Most of all I want them to sort out the online trading station, it’s a great idea until you realise it’s flooded with requests for impossible Pokemon, usually Legendaries at impossible levels. I’d love to just take a Pokemon and see if anyone in the world wants it and what they’re offering, that would save so much time!

Whatever, it at least looks like more of an update than previous new generations, even if the basic quest seems the same as ever. But then that’s hardly laziness exclusive to Pokemon, and at least Gen 5 stories were much improved from the previous games. Fingers crossed it’ll be awesome.


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