Õut änd aböüt

Not a long post from me today, as goodness knows it’s hard enough to write decent-looking posts on this iPad while I’m still learning, but also I don’t really want to waste too much of the material for my eventual big write up about my holiday.

tallinnI’m still in Estonia, enjoying their free wireless in the hotel, lovely. I’m flying back tomorrow, and contrary to my original plan to relax on holiday, I’ve spent a fairly exhausting four days in Tallinn. It’s been pretty good, I’m glad I chose it over Malta in the end, but I’ve packed in quite a lot.

After flying in on Monday, I had a muddled late afternoon trying to do some sightseeing without a plan. Fortunately the following day was much better, and I took a few walking tour to take in the sights of Tallinn’s Old Town and learn about the city’s history.

Yesterday and today have been taken up with day trips to the Lauksaa nation park to the East, and the coastal retreat of Haapsalu to the West, taking in bogs, monastery ruins, a spooky derelict orphanage and all manner of abandoned Soviet military installations. Very interesting, and some amazing guides from Tallinn Traveller that I would recommend to anyone visiting.

My feet are so tired now though, so I’m relaxing in bed now. My flight isn’t until 4pm tomorrow so I’ll try to find something to do to finish off, hopefully not being fleeced by another taxi driver. Agree your price before you get in, people! Anyway, photos and full writeups to follow.


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