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Single: Cher – “I hope you find it” (2013)

Well, it IS Halloween. Oh come now, no need to be unkind. Actually I really like Cher, even though I am not particularly well-versed in her back catalogue besides the singles since “Believe” and some notable moments from her extensive career in showbiz.

She’s also got a great sense of humour, I did get in a Cher-spiral a few weekends ago, watching interviews on YouTube, even interviews with varnished light-entertainment ghoul Des O’Connor.

Musically, well she’s not been so active during my formative years. I was sort of aware of the “It’s a man’s world” singles, I still love “One by one”. Of course “Believe” made her a chart force once again, and I was fond of the singles that came from that and 2001 follow-up “Living Proof”. After 12 years, she’s back with a new album “Closer to the truth”. Continue reading

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ABU TV Song Festival 2013: Hanoi – Watch with me!

After last year’s inaugural festivals in Seoul, the ABU (Asian-Pacific Broadcasting Union) continued its new tradition of holding a televised international music gala as part of the ABU’s annual general assembly. This time the assembly was held in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, giving the national broadcaster VTV the chance to host the non-competitive ABU TV Song Festival from Hanoi Opera House.

abu tv song festivalThe show will be broadcast in all of the competing countries over the next few weeks and months, but since VTV showed it live, the songs have appeared on Youtube. Actually the whole show has turned up, I will link it at the bottom, but it might easily be blocked by the time you see this! Just search on Youtube, filter by “long” clips and you might get lucky!

Oh, if you were looking for the ABU Radio Song Festival 2013, you’re not going to get far, as it’s only being run in even-numbered years! Continue reading


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Single: Le Grind – “I was there (where were you?)” (2013)

Well I was all geared up to write another single review today, and having had this on a CD in the car for a few weeks now, I thought I’d cover Le Grind’s debut single. Except I don’t really know anything about Le Grind at all, aside from a bit of trivia. They are a trio from London, and … actually that’s all I know.

le grind i was thereBut what a song to debut with! “I was there (where were you?)” is a pretty slick effort for an unknown debut, but it seems to have got some press interest. It’s a pretty lazy comparison to say it’s a bit like Scissor Sisters, particularly as I’m not 100% what SS even sound like these days. I think it’s because they seem to be filed easily enough under ‘gay interest’. Continue reading

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Lost in time

I feel guilt. Those poor animals on my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf have been trapped in perpetual August for a few months now … and all because of a stupid scorpion. I had been determined to catch all the different kinds of bugs and fish in AC:NL, but the tricky scorpion eluded me after three months.

acnl gulliverWell, it didn’t ALWAYS elude me, a fair number of them attacked me, leading me to pass out and wake up on my doorstep shortly afterwards. September was the last month to catch them, but an overwhelming number of crickets meant the chances of encountering a scorpion were minimal.

I’d been fed some misinformation about salmon too, which I also missed in September. So before it got too far away, I thought I would keep my game clock set to August and finally catch up. Except I’m STILL having trouble with the scorpions and frankly losing patience with them. I’m not getting any fun out of the quest, and as it disrupted my routine with AC:NL, I’ve almost stopped playing entirely. Continue reading

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My God, I’m exhausted! Oh dang it, I can’t really say WHY at the moment. Just take my word for it now, I’m sure I’ll explain soon. I’m such a tease.

bst endsI remember when weekends were supposed to make you MORE relaxed. You’d wake up on Saturday, no alarm to scare you to your senses, and you could just pootle through your morning. Maybe read the paper (yes, I’m high-brow), maybe watch something risqué on the internet (OK not THAT high-brow), then do some chores and junk. Hell, maybe just sit in bed and play Pokémon. Continue reading

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