Look Eesti

Only a quick one today, as I’m going on holiday. In fact when you read this, I may already be on the plane. Or dead. Or at the hotel. Who knows what the future holds? Not I.

tallinnNot really sure why I chose Estonia as a holiday destination. I’ve always been slightly fascinated by the place, and sadly I suspect this might be down to that darn Eurovision. I taped it one year, the 1996 contest in Oslo it looks like, and I remember loving the Estonian song “Kaelakee hääl” that ended up finishing 5th, and I suppose it just alerted me to its existence. I mean I was only 13 at the time, I don’t suppose you know about loads of countries by that age.

Either way I’ve only ever heard good things about it, and for a former component of the Soviet Union it seems to have the reputation as a notional addition to the Scandinavian bloc, and one of the most forward-thinking nations in the region. The language is crammed full of vowels and umlauts, much like its close neighbour Finland’s language, so I’m banking on English being fairly widespread, or I’m screwed.

I’ve got a fairly casual approach to the holiday plan, I normally do when I’m going alone, I suppose I feel I have more control then, something I need in a foreign land. I’m planning on spending the remainder of Monday and the whole of Tuesday trogging around Tallinn sightseeing. On Wednesday and Thursday I’ve got tours booked to see Lahemaa National Park, and another to see Narva on the Eastern border with Russia. Should be good anyway!

I’m planning to bring my iPad with me (yeah I got an iPad…) so I should be blogging when I’m out there, in my hotel room. Don’t miss me too much! x


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