Single: Katy Perry ft Juicy J – “Dark Horse” (2013)

Katy Perry might have been first out of the gates in this year’s big pop pile-up as some of the biggest female pop stars square off in the lucrative 4th quarter market, but she’s possibly got the furthest to fall.

katy perry roar promoGaga’s not short on tedious haters, but while she’s following up a very successful part of albums, Perry’s second album “Teenage Dream” did big business, with loads of #1s and some huge radio staple tracks.

Roar” has done well, even if I felt it was missing some of the spark of her former hits. I don’t know what all that terribly serious wig-burning was about, since the “Roar” video came out as technicolour and fake-tanned as any of the “Teenage Dream” videos.

But her album “Prism” is only a few weeks away, and it’s time for a push, and presumably the second single. It’s other midtempo effort, a bit more ‘urban’, a point hammered home with a guest spot by hitherto-unknown rapper Juicy J (terrible name).

katy perry dark horse coverWhat a disappointment though, I was warming to “Roar” but this is not giving me a lot of hope for the album. It’s a bit of a ploddy effort that sometimes shows signs of life, but then the chorus is flat as a pancake, it sounds like a Timbaland cast-off from the mid-00s.

More lyrics going on about how she’s going to show you what she’s made of too. All talk and no trousers, I reckon. I suppose that fits with the times, people seem more interested in strong intentions and powerful mission statements than the business of actually getting anything done. It’s easier to show your swagger or whatever, you might not have to prove it.

The bridges sound promises and build up well, something “Roar” at least managed to do well, but those choruses… blah! It even does it again at the end, but instead of even a disappointing chorus, it just stops! She’s going to have to do better than this.


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