Single: Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” (2013)

Wow, that Animal Crossing / Turkvision / ABU TV Song Festival combo really was a view-killer, I’m on schedule for one of my least-viewed days for a little while. I’ll survive. But out of desperation I will try to cover one of the latest viral sensations about a fortnight after everyone else did. What can I say?

It’s that darn Miley again. She gets around, doesn’t she? A month ago she was plugging her last single “We can’t stop” on the MTV VMA awards in New York with one of the most talked-about performances in a long while. Much discussion about sluttily-dressed girls and role models ensued, while the single racked up YouTube views and column inches.

But “We can’t stop” was a fair way into its chart career by then, and she’s got an album to prep for, so “Wrecking Ball” was released just at the crest of the hype wave, and became one of the biggest debuting videos on YouTube. Naturally it came with a controversial video involving nudity and her tongue getting up to no good again.

I’m not that familiar with her music, but I’ve heard all about her. She never quite broke through in the UK before now, though I did have a soft spot for “Party in the USA”. After the excitement of “We can’t stop”, “Wrecking Ball” is a tearful and dramatic ballad, and at least the video seems to fit the song. Not just because it has a wrecking ball, either.

miley cyrus wrecking ballIt would have been quite a nice, striking video. There are lots of stark face shots of her crying along to the lyrics, as she recounts a relationship she wrecked (like the titular ball) and eventually burned out. You forget sometimes she’s an actress, and it’s an effective shot.

But the rest of it is calculated to get as many views as possible though. She’s in those little pants again, licking sledgehammers(?!) and riding on a wrecking ball as it destroys the concrete set. Oh, she’s naked too, fancy that! I suppose that’s not much to get shocked about, I think people are just getting so crazy because she started out as one of the most famous child actresses of the decade. She looks in great shape though.

It’s well done, even if some of the suggestive scenes are a bit transparent. But she isn’t a drug-addled mess, she knows what she’s doing, even if it seems that she’s not sure what she’s saying with it.

Oh I forgot about the song! I quite like this one, it seems much better than its predecessor. I don’t think it will got down as one of the all-time ballads, and once it gets its electro-lite production in gear, it feels decidedly Gaga. Admittedly – video aside – Gaga would probably never do something so low-key musically, but I like it. Let’s see what sort of insanity her “Bangerz” album will come out with.


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  1. We can’t stop,We can’t stop Red cups,sweaty bodies everywhere.Hands in the air like we don’t care.
    Miley Cyrus
    Skyla Rayne

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