Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Do the Shrunk Funk Shuffle!

It’s been a little while since I’ve given an update, mainly because the Tumblr upload from my 3DS doesn’t seem to work at the moment. But I relented and signed up another Twitter account. I’ve got a backlog so here’s a bit of what’s been going on in the last month.

fossils completeIt’s been a month of completions, as I finally managed to complete my fossil collection, thanks to some donations. I feel Blathers didn’t get as excited as I wanted. I mean I’ve single-handedly made his empty exhibition halls look like the Natural History Museum, and all I get is a crappy pun about how he “digs” my enthusiasm for fossils. At least I can just focus on selling the seemingly endless supply of fossils to pay off my house.

shrunk graduationAlso ticked off the list has been Dr Shrunk. I’ve diligently gone to see him before 8pm each day with a piece of fruit (or bamboo) for him to eat, and in return I’ve been taught jokes. Indirectly this gives me a repertoire of emotions I can express to my villagers. Most of them are a lot of fun, particularly the shock and distress ones. But when you finally fill up your joke book with emotions, you are taught the best of them all, the Shrunk Funk Shuffle.

This naff little dance is done by our favourite axolotl at the end of each performance, and is a fine display of cringeworthy dad dancing. Even better, if you do it in front of villagers, they’ll do it too! That mean bitch in the post office won’t though, she frowns disdainfully at you. Quite right too. Try it when sitting down too, even funnier!

gracie agreesMy achievements don’t stop there either, as I managed (somehow) to pass Gracie’s 4th and final fashion check. It was tough going, but she agreed to open her shop in my town. Since I’d spent over 100,000 bells in T.I.Y. and had that store for 30 days, this triggered the final upgrade to the T&T Emporium, a glitzy new shop with three floors.

emporiumThe ground floor has the usual tools, carpet, wallpaper, music & fortune cookies, as well as an expanded Leif section now boasting persimmons and fertiliser. The first floor has a lot of furniture on offer, while the second floor is Gracie’s boutique. Some of the furniture there is exclusive and very nice, but the prices are jaw-dropping. I saw an amazing candy bed, but it’s 248,000 bells! Maybe I should stay out until I’ve got some savings…

I guess I’ve still got some way to go…

gracie shop


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