Single: Perfume – “1mm” (2013)

The wait is nearly over as Japanese electro trio ready their fourth full-length studio album “Level 3”, due out next month. I’m quite new to the Perfume party, picking up last year as they had just released what would be the first single from “Level 3”, namely “Spring of life”.

perfume 1mmI loved them instantly, and they were an exciting addition to my rather narrow and inexperienced view of J-Pop at that time. For the remainder of the year, another friend of mine introduced me to more of their work, and they appeared on the 2012 ABU TV Song Festival in Seoul.

In 2013 I began digging through their albums and reviewing them (“Game“, “Triangle” and “JPN” as well as rarities in the “Fan Service Prima Box” and “Complete Best“), so I’m officially up to speed I think. Then of course they performed their first ever gig in the UK which just blew me away.

After the carefree energy of “Spring of life” and “Magic of Love“, “1mm” fits more in the downbeat uptempo camp with “Spending all my time” as the new album’s sound takes shape.

As ever the sleek video treatment and precise choreography are in full force, as the girls navigate a simple set of LCD window panes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like them before and the effect is really amazing, I’m sure it’s not CGI (apart from the text).

perfume 1mm videoIt feels a little subdued, even compared to “Spending all my time”, and definitely feels like the sound established in the last two albums hasn’t been overhauled. That’s not to say it’s just more of the same, it took a while for it to click with me, but without being a standout track it still has the essence of their sound that I love.

That “ahh-hhh-hhh” refrain in the chorus reminds me of something else, I’m sure it’s an Utada song I’m thinking of. It might be better to see some smiles on their faces, but for now it just looks ultra-cool and stylish, you can see why they are making waves outside Asia these days. I hope “Level 3” is going to be available (as “1mm” is) on iTunes when it’s released worldwide on 2 October.


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