GUHHHHHH. I’m sick. Well not really that sick, it’s only a cold. Yesterday I went from a sore throat, via several grades of snottiness to a massive headache and total nasal shutdown. Today I’m not so bad, still bunged up and horrible, but no headache. My throat is all claggy now though, I feel like I’m constantly clearing my throat. Fortunately I had a day off planned after working last weekend so at least I didn’t HAVE to do anything.

busy doing nothingI thought I’d take the time to do all manner of menial tasks that I hadn’t managed last weekend as I was working. Didn’t quite manage that though. I COOKED breakfast, another pile of eggy onion & ham stuff, which was fine. I paid off my credit card (overtime solves all problems), and with the knowledge that there’s an even bigger stack of overtime coming my way in a month’s time, I’m looking for efficient ways to keep it out of my bank account by propping up the economy. (I will have you, iPad)

Did I say I’m going to Estonia in 2 weeks time? I haven’t planned a lot, I think I’m going to book a few tours. Hoping not to spend loads of money though, but who knows. I suppose I’d better get some blog posts lined up too. I still feel a gnawing guilt at not posting anything on Saturday, which I know is silly. I worked 8.00 – 20.30 and went straight to my sister’s house for dinner so I just didn’t have any time. Drat!

golden girlsThis is getting rambly. The rest of the day I ate some warmed-up pizza from last night (classy) and watched Golden Girls (seriously, what is wrong with me?). Then I put on my ESC2009 in the background while I did other things, like gawk at the screen instead of relabelling MP3s or whatever bollocks I was doing. Where does the time go?

And now, after Bake Off, it’s nearly 10 and I haven’t written anything for the blog, what a wasted opportunity! I’m struggling to think of things to write about at the moment (hello, Jason Derulo reviews). Maybe I need a project. I’ll have a think. I need something to fill the time anyway, Japanese has been cancelled 😦  … but sounds like I might be able to have some private(ish) lessons soon, so I’m not going to totally lose it.

As I’ve been on a bit of a Susanne Sundfør binge today, I’ll let her play me out because she’s just blowing my mind.


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