Single: Jason Derulo ft 2 Chainz – “Talk Dirty” (2013)

Two Jason Derulo reviews in one month? Yes I know that might seem a bit excessive, but I just thought I’d see what it felt like to not be 6 weeks behind the latest releases. I can be relevant kidz, I’m hip *does Macarena*

jason derulo talk dirtyHot on the heels of “The Other Side“, Jason has been given a third chance to finally start shifting some albums. Parent album “Tattoos” is due to ‘drop’ next week, and it’s time for a last chance to get some mainstream attention.

In “Talk Dirty”, Jason does his bit for international relations by reflecting on his globetrotting escapades and his mad skillz in the universal language of sex. Normally for me this would be a recipe for an eye-roll, will guys ever stop singing this mysogynist drivel? But for some reason I really LIKE this, even for the cringey moments.

Most of these cringey moments are provided by 2 Chainz, yet to make much impact in the UK but I gather he’s like a Lil’ Wayne but not in prison (is he in prison?) and slightly less vile, but still singing about “international oral sex” and rhyming ‘penis’ with ‘arenas’.

jason deruloJason himself is just inherently likeable that I let him off the hook. That torso and big doe-eyes don’t hurt either. In a post-“Blurred Lines” you might as well get used to this sort of thing, but fortunately this is a much tighter and poppier offering. Great rhythm, a naff but catchy trumpet sample and a danceable chorus, it’s bound to be a hit, right?

Despite Jason’s trouble in shifting LPs, he’s already unseated Katy Perry’s “Roar”, a song that’s only been out in the UK for 2 weeks and has been shifting huge numbers, and currently sits on a 2:1 margin over how her on iTunes. It’s looking like “Tattoos” is going to be launched with his third UK No.1, and if that’s not going to give him a boost on a terminally depressed UK album market, I really don’t know what can.


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