Single: Britney Spears – “Work Bitch” (2013)

BRITNEY! Just what I needed to liven up a listless Sunday afternoon. After a leak of her new single (apparently in a low quality demo version, I didn’t listen to it), she’s brought forward the premiere of the lead single from her upcoming eighth studio album, due out later in the year.

What an odd career she’s had. A lot of her contemporaries from the turn of the millennium started big and declined (some more quickly than others), and it seemed that Britney seemed unlikely to break the mould. But she keeps coming up with big hits to keep the career moving.

Inexplicably her previous album “Femme Fatale” produced some of her biggest hits despite one of her poorest-selling albums. Europe was a little more reluctant (for a change) but by the end of 2012 she got a do-over in the shape of collaboration “Scream and shout” and promptly scored a huge worldwide hit.

“Work Bitch” is produced by and it sort of shows, coming out as a club-ready banger, more in the vein of LMFAO than anything. Can she use this to turn around her flagging album sales? I wouldn’t bet against it.

britney work bitchI like it – I mean I like some basic commercial dance pop as much as the next man, though I suspect the video might be the one to push this over the edge. Britney’s astonishing British accent makes a reappearance, while she advises all wannabes that they need to do the legwork before the celebrity pays off. “You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion? Party in France? You better WORK, BITCH”. I mean it’s instant, I’ll give it that.

That electro bassline is quietly catchy, it never really goes away apart from during the big middle-eight. There’s nothing particularly original about how this song sounds, but the brash lyrics and just the fact that it’s Britney turn this into something potent. I’m dying to see how well it does, as the record label scramble to bring the iTunes release forward. But I’m always keen for a Britney album, bring it on, bitch.



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