Single: Susanne Sundfør – “White Foxes” (2012)

I’m so tired from work today, so you’re getting another single review. This time it’s a bit of a forewarning of an album review coming soon. This isn’t the first time Susanne Sundfør’s got a mention on this blog, having appeared on Röyksopp’s recent single “Running to the sea” at the start of the year.

I loved her voice on that, and having seen her latest album “The Silicone Veil” in a clearance section in HMV, I decided to take a chance and see what it’s like. I won’t say too much about the album as I’m going to review it in a few weeks time.

“White Foxes” was the lead single from her third album, and is everything I’m really looking for from my gorgeous Nordic electronica. Her voice is distinctive and beautiful, I hear shades of Beth Orton in there I think (not that I know a lot about her).

It starts off slowly, but when the first bridge starts you are hit with this surge of huge-sounding synths and soaring vocals. I didn’t expect her high vocals, at times they are pretty gravity-defying, but it gives this huge scale to the song.

Her tone is so lovely to listen to as well, and the Röyksopp song wasn’t that much of a curveball after all, perfect gloomy Autumn music. It’s been stuck in my head all day, and I hope you all like it, because I’m about to go and collapse after a long day, and this might be exactly what I need.

Reminds me actually, she contributed to the “Oblivion” soundtrack with M83, I can’t remember it exactly but I think I quite liked it.


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