Back on the treadmill

Goodness me, why am I always so sleepy in the evenings? I’ve just crashed out again in my now-usual style of “Hmm I’ll just lie on my bed in the dark for a moment. I won’t go to sleep though, I just fancy lying here.”. I don’t like napping, it messes up the time when you should be sleeping, let alone sucks up the time you were planning on doing things.

Maybe not doing anything important, mind, I mean it’s Thursday night, but still you’d like the option.

foodTonight’s crash might be supported by the ridiculous omelette I attempted to make for dinner. I’ve been in the habit of not cooking for myself recently. I’ve either eaten at my parents’ house, eaten out or just bought a prepared meal from the supermarket. I felt I should try a bit harder and start cooking again. So in the last 4 days I’ve made Chicken Korma, Stir Fry, Bolognese and a weird omelette thing.

The last of these was a reaction to a growing sense that I need to start eating less crappily, and that maybe cutting down some carbs might be a good way of achieving that. So Eggs + Onions + Corn + Ham + little bit of Cheese = OK? It was certainly a lot of food, and surprisingly salty for someone like me who just forgets to season anything, I guess it must have been the ham. It looked grim but tasted quite nice, so perhaps I’ve learned a lesson about inner beauty from the whole experience. Perhaps not.

I’ll only eat rubbish over the weekend though I imagine, since I’m working this weekend. Gross. Having just emerged from the supremely busy period, I’m starting to tame my workload but this event at the weekend has been looming for some time. But at least it’s manageable, and billable too! How else am I going to pay for my upcoming holiday, upgrade my iPhone and finally get that much-desired but probably not needed iPad?

So apologies if I’m letting the blog slide a bit, I’m struggling to think of things to write about, and it seems to be showing in the stats, with a few pretty awful days in terms of page views. Harumph. Maybe I should post some more photos of Eurovision blokes. But I don’t see why you aren’t getting on board with such engaging content as my failed omelette news, you fussy sods. This is better than the bollocks I attempted to write before I properly woke up, about Voyager leaving the Solar System. Where was I going with that??

As is traditional, I will round off this stream of consciousness with a cat video. I was sure this must be fake, but… how could it be?!


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