Single: Lissie – “When I’m alone” (2010)

I threw together a compilation CD today for the car as I was travelling to Cambridge for work. I’d got a bunch on new songs to put on there, but as usual I had to fill the gaps with stuff from my iTunes library that I haven’t played to death. With a lot of dancey pop songs I thought I’d balance things with some acousticy female singer-songwriter material, something my iTunes library has never been short of.

I don’t even know how I got this single, I think I saw it on MTV at the time and ended up downloading it, but it slipped through the net and I rediscovered how great it is today.

I don’t know a lot about Lissie, she hasn’t really made a big impact in the UK yet. Her debut album “Catching a tiger” reached No.12 and went gold despite not scoring a top 40 hit yet. I suspect people either didn’t get it, or went “wow, love this” and skipped straight to buying the album. I’m certainly tempted now at least, especially with second album “Back to Forever” due out in a month.

I gather she’s more of a country/folk artist but “When I’m alone” doesn’t carry such a strong flavour of those genres to alienate the blandies like me. That’s not to say it’s a safe song, it’s full of energy and gorgeous soaring vocals.

lissieI’ve got a soft spot for this sort of contemporary female bluesy stuff, particularly Jewel (but goodness knows what she’s doing now), though I find Lissie’s vocal style a lot easier to digest, it doesn’t feel so affected.

That subtle but pacey rhythm is wonderful, and keeps the song on a rolling simmer all the way through. I haven’t quite nailed singing along to that rapid-fire bit on the verses. It’s a great song though, a breathlessly hopeful but resigned song about really not coping too well with being left behind by ‘the one’.

She’s almost having a musical tantrum, she feels so strongly but it doesn’t ever boil over into complete chaos, it’s still a tight little effort. LOVE this. I hope to do a bit more digging on the strength of this song, that’s what a great single is all about, isn’t it?



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