Olympics 2020: Ganbatte!

SPORT NEWS! Yes you don’t see a lot of sports news from me, but by sheer coincidence I’ve been FINALLY watching that Olympics DVD I got for Christmas. I talk about it like I’m doing it now, there are 5 discs and I watched the opening ceremony again a few months back. I might struggle through the rest of disc 3 tonight.

tokyo 2020I make that sound like a chore, I do really like the Olympics. I don’t watch a lot of sport, or DO a lot of sport, but I like the Olympics. There’s variety, there are flags, there are parades, scoreboards etc, love it!

Of course last year London really stepped up and held the 2012 Olympics brilliantly, and somehow managed to foster the curmudgeonly UK with the Olympic spirit without the undertone (or overtone) of xenophobia that tends to accompany world sporting events such as the World Cup.

But today was the announcement of the host city of the 2020 Olympics, and while it seemed in some ways like a closely-fought competition between eventual final candidates Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo, the outcome felt sort of inevitable given the long-term troubles in the first two candidate countries.

tokyoOf course Fukushima is a nice headline disaster, but Japan still emerged victorious after being thwarted by Rio De Janeiro for the 2016 games, ending up with a similarly large margin over second-place Istanbul that Rio took over Tokyo four years ago.

I’m very pleased with the outcome of course, as a noted Japanophile. I have no doubt about their infrastructure, when I’ve been there it’s been easy to navigate for a foreigner, and the people have always been lovely when you interact with them. Just think of the mascots! If anyone can produce the definitive mascot, it will be the Japanese.

I think it’s definitely a safe pair of hands, and I can’t wait to see how they get on. I might even loon it up and go out there to see something, though I’ve got 7 years to save up…


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  1. Mike

    Oh you’re right, the mascots are going to be amazing! I was kind of hoping for Istanbul, but Tokyo will be great too. Love the branding of the candidacy, too.

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