Single: Jason Derulo – “The Other Side” (2013)

Does anyone actually own a Jason Derulo album? He’s had two of them, containing the steady stream of hit singles he’s released since 2009. That’s four years. Nobody? Despite 6 top 20 hits in the USA, including his No.1 debut “Whatcha Say”, and 6 top 5 singles in the UK, including No.1s “In my head” and “Don’t wanna go home”, poor Jason doesn’t seem to have had much luck with album sales.

I mean his global reach has been good, but his self-titled debut struggled to get gold discs in a handful of territories, and previous album “Future History” totally bombed in the US. Maybe album sales don’t mean that much any more. I mean, in the US his first three singles sold over 7 million downloads between them. Is that as good as a 14-track album selling 500,000 copies? That’s without the actual album sales on top, and Youtube views, streaming, whatever else people do these days. Not to mention these figures worldwide. It all adds up.

Worldwide album sales are floundering. It remains to be seen whether that is just the market finding its feel in the digital age. I mean, the same thing happened with singles didn’t it, the mid 00s were marked by all-time low records falling like dominoes, but now they are bigger than ever. Just ask Jason Derulo.

jason deruloEither way, he’s getting a third album “Tattoos” and with it another R’n’B-infused EDM track to fill the clubz. I find it difficult to get too excited about Jason Derulo, he hasn’t quite made his mark on the public psyche, presumably because he hasn’t pursued megastar hobbies like getting arrested on drug charges or carrying guns, or punching women in the face. Amateur!

Still, his uptempo tracks are dependable good, and “The Other Side” is no different. A tearful account of the passing of a loved one to the beyond… oh wait, no it’s not, it’s about fucking one of this friends, how romantique! Wiki tells me this is about his girlfriend Jordin Sparks – a real C-list power couple there – I’m sure she’s very flattered.

I don’t mind though, it’s a great summer track, even if it’s hardly pushing the boundaries these days, with RnB comrades Usher and Chris Brown both well-versed on the club scene these days. No point dressing up the subject matter either, I mean Usher’s singing about climaxing these days so I suppose anything goes.

I’m just a sucker for a bit of euphoric dance music with a great falsetto behind it, and Jason’s more than up to the challenge. It’s got a lovely light melody, uplifting and tuneful. What more could I want?



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