Oh I’m phoning it in again tonight. I’m sorry, it’s been a long day, it’s midnight and I’ve only just sat down alone for the first time today.


Not me

It’s been alright though, I finally feel like I’m progressing through the mound of work. I’ve started going to the gym a little more regularly now the workload has allowed me to return to schedule working hours. I had a lovely dinner & a movie with my GAL PALS – it was “The Way Way Back”, incidentally, review to follow.

I got the news in the last few days that I probably WON’T have to move out of my house after all, as the landlady is on the brink of selling it to someone who wants to rent it out to us and not raise the rent, so that’s good. But all this has left me with hardly any time, and I just want to sleep.

I was going to fling out a quick review of the latest Jason Derulo song, but I’ll spare you for the time being. It’s good though, the song.

But I DID have to share these short cat videos. Made me laugh anyway. I’ll write properly tomorrow. Night xoxox


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