Single: The Saturdays – “Disco Love”

It always gives me a little warm glow to see the latest instalment in the ongoing fiasco/career of the UK’s de facto biggest girlband, The Saturdays. Marking 5 years since their debut, they have notched up 12 top 10 singles in the UK, out of 15 releases. Surprisingly though, this has never quite translate to album sales and thus their future has never been entirely stable.

saturdays disco loveThings were looking bright at the start of the year when they unexpectedly scored their biggest hit to date with “What about us?”, their first No.1. Followup “Gentleman” didn’t fare quite as well, stopping short of the top 10 and dropping quickly. But undeterred, and with a 4th-ish studio album ready to go (did “Headlines” count?), they are playing it a little safer.

I think the album was rumoured to be called “Disco Love”, so this may end up being the title track, and sees the girls turning back the clock to various decades of disco fun. Notably they seem to be raiding a time when Atomic Kitten were hitting the skids, I’m not really getting these hooks so far.

While they’d taken some bold diversions in sound previously, with things like “All Fired up” and “Notorious” sounding modern and bombastic without trying too hard, “Disco love” plays it way too safe. It makes me feel like it should be soundtracking a female-aligned slimming club advert.

the saturdaysI mean there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s pleasant enough, but I find it hard to tell who’s singing. I think the key they’re singing is just a bit too monotone, and I doesn’t make for a very memorable track. It doesn’t feel like The Saturdays at all, which is a real shame.

The video’s alright, the visits to different time periods end up a bit like a procession of hen nights, but it doesn’t look too cheap.

Their chart record might be approaching that of Girls Aloud without anyone really realising, and I realise how frustrating it must be for their more leftfield efforts not pulling in the customers, but this is just too safe. “Gentleman” wasn’t perfect, but at least I remembered the song, and it was definitely their song. This one… I’m not so sure.

But what do I know? It’ll probably end up their biggest hit ever.



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