Film: “Kick Ass 2” (2013)

I think I enjoyed “Kick Ass”. It wasn’t that long ago, but weirdly I can’t really remember much about it, except the violence. I honestly thought I had been de-sensitised by overdosing on gory slasher movies. Maybe it was more convincing, but I was surprised at how flinchy I was. Either way, it was pretty good.

“Kick Ass 2” picks up where that left off, as we rejoin our two heroes Dave & Mindy, aka Kick Ass & Hit Girl, both in retirement. Mindy’s retirement and struggle to have a normal childhood are imposed on her, and she grudgingly accepts this out of respect for her guardian. Dave on the other hand, backed away after the intense violence of the previous film’s plot, but is soon feeling reckless and wants to participate in the superhero movement that he started.

The clash between Dave & Mindy leads them on largely separate plots, despite them going to the same school. It feels like a bit of a waste, as it leaves Dave’s plot all the less engaging without her. Dave joins a crime-fighting force of heroes, led by the polite but ultra-violent Colonel Stars & Stripes.

Meanwhile, Chris D’Amico is out for revenge after the last film, but unfortunately is just a massive douchebag with lots of cash and no idea how to behave. I know it was all intentional, but I found his whole story really blah with the notable exception of the titanic Mother Russia, a colossus of a woman who wrecks total devastation on a police force in suburbia in one gruesome scene.

aaron taylor johnson shirtless kick ass 2The story itself felt a little meandering, I wasn’t sure whose story it was trying to tell. I suppose it was about facing up to your own identity and taking responsibility for your decisions. But there were so many other things going on that I can imagine most people were only really paying attention for the violence. There was certainly plenty of that, and it was used to great – if sometimes excessive – effect.

Too many subplots muddled the action: Dave’s fling, Mindy vs the Mean Girls, Dave and his annoying friend being assholes to their other thick friend. Perhaps it should have focused more on the key stories. The constant references to comic books were a bit too knowingly ‘meta’ too.

But the cast did a great job, with Chloë Grace Moretz stealing the show as Mindy/Hit Girl. We knew she was a badass and it wasn’t laid on too thick. While Aaron Taylor-Johnson did a decent job as the titular hero (hot geek, but please get a haircut), but this was Hit Girl’s movie.

chloe moretz thingy kick ass 2I know Christopher Mintz-Plasse (geez, a lot of hyphenated people) was supposed to be a douchebag, maybe it was too convincing, I just didn’t find him entertaining in the slightest, except maybe his talent for supervillain names. WTF happened to Donald Faison’s face? Did he just get old or did he get work done? I guess “Scrubs” was a long while ago.

And finally, WTF was that Union J segment about!? I mean sure it totally hit the spot but what a weird thing to have in the middle of this film, it was like a sponsor message. But whatever, I do love that song. Though whose abs were they? Those were NOT in the video, not even the somehow-even-cheaper-than-the-original movie version of the video. Shame, would’ve made up for the lack of a middle-eight.

Right, enough violence, I’m off to watch Great British Bake Off.

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