Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Midas Touch

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything about AC:NL, I guess I didn’t feel like there was much going on. I’ve been busy with work, and by the time I’ve eaten dinner, blogged, and whatever else, I’ve only had the energy to keep up with my daily activities really.

golden canI’ve been diligently digging up fossils (still need that damn Stego tail), watering my flowers, buying junk from the shops etc. So there’s an element of monotony to my routine lately. But it’s been paying off gradually. A week ago I finally received my golden watering can for keeping my town perfect for 15 days straight. It does seem to take ages to water, but it covers about double the area of the silver can, so it’s making watering easier.

For those of you who want one, you’ll need at least 10 community projects – projects in Main Street don’t count, nor do inhabited buildings in your town like the Cafe, Reset Centre and Police Station. You’ll apparently need between 110-200 trees, and a shitload of flowers. Keep checking with Isabelle and she will tell you if the town could be improved. There are 3 “perfect” messages too, be aware! On the 15th consecutive perfect day, Isabelle will give you the golden can – make sure you have a space!

golden axeMy golden collection expanded further when Leif finally gave me the golden axe I’d been holding out for. You need to buy 50 saplings from him before he hands it to you. I took a super photo to mark the occasion. Heh.

I guess that means I can start getting a bit more hands-on with the landscaping of my town. I will start reorganising those hybrid beds, and chop down a lot of trees, I have WAY too many. I haven’t had any black flowers yet so I’m obviously doing something wrong!

bug offWhat else… the bug-off came around for its penultimate time this year, and I easily demolished my competition to get another gold trophy. If I wasn’t so keen to try and get the bug set of furniture I’d try to get a silver trophy next month. I’ve got a decent haul but I’m not sure I’ll get it all, I seem to have such stinky luck on that front.

gracie debutNow I have the T.I.Y. store, Gracie has started visiting my town. Unfortunately I only found her first visit at 11.30pm, so I had a mad rush trying to find something that would fit her request. She wanted a “basic” theme outfit. The shop was a total bust, nothing in that theme at all. Furious, I was confronted by Mallary who wanted a piece of fruit. On giving her (I still can’t believe it’s a girl), she handed over a dull flannel shirt that fitted the theme perfectly.

Amazingly my wardrobe randomly had a straw boater, some denim jeans and black loafers. Usually I only keep the interesting clothes so I have no idea why I had those. As it was, I managed to get through Gracie’s fashion check and was rewarded with a Gracie Chair and a backhanded compliment. Only three more fashion checks to pass, and I should be able to unlock the T&T Emporium!

hippeux arrivesFreckles finally moved out too, leaving me with 8 villagers, but a few days ago some of my prized fruit trees were obliterated by Hippeux’s house. He’s not nearly as fabulous as his name suggests, but he at least seems to have a different personality to the sports-obsessed guys in my town already. I must go and have a nose around his house soon.

tangyI’ve still got a space open though, fingers crossed I will be blessed with the amazing Tangy, either a cat-shaped orange or an orange-coloured cat. When I say orange-coloured, I mean she literally looks like an orange, there’s a leaf on her head and everything!

I think that’s all, hopefully next time I update I will have learned the full set of emotions from Shrunk and remodelled my town a bit. Now I’m not scared to ruin my perfect town, I can start putting up some nice projects too! That bamboo has to GO though… maybe that’s what is making me sneeze.



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