Single: Avril Lavigne – “Rock n Roll” (2013)

I’m not entirely sure what to make of Avril Lavigne these days. While I still have a lot of goodwill for her on the basis of her massive first albums, my tastes have changed over the years, and it seems that Avril’s not really doing much to break her own mould 10 years later.

Her career started to go South a bit with latest album “Goodbye Lullaby” not really selling great numbers anywhere. But she’s back – actually she was back a few months ago by even more troubling mission statement “Here’s to never growing up”, a prime example at how she seems a bit stuck musically.

Writing that one off as a buzz single, the push starts here for her upcoming self-titled album. It took me a few listens to get into it, but it’s a good effort, sold with an eye-catching video. Sure, it tries a bit hard for that “lol random” audience, but it’s fun and knowing, and hopefully will bring some attention to the project.

avril rock n rollAvril looks confident, even if she’s still harping on about not conforming to stereotypes and being your own person in pretty much the same way as she has been all this time, and ‘owning’ her style of gross colour streaks in her hair and clothes that look like doodled pencil-cases.

This all seems quite negative but the song is one of her strongest in a while, and the video hits more than it misses. Nods to “Sk8er Boi”, lesbian kisses, chainsaw fights with bear-sharks, a random cameo from Billy Zane(?!), hitting babies with canteen trays, dog funerals, and a cheerfully blatant Sony product placement to fund the whole thing.

I look forward to the new album, and at least hope that if she clings on to her signature sound, she can at least produce some songs as good as her glory days.


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