100,000 hits & stats blowout

Hi guys,

It’s not quite been 2 years since I started this blog, and somehow I’m managed to amass 100,000 views! It’s a number I never imagined I would get – to be honest I hadn’t really given it much thought, and frankly I thought I might give up after a month. But here I am, and striving to post once a day. That work seems to have paid off at least, and here we are celebrating a milestone.

For this, I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who has read anything on here, whether you’re a friend or a stranger. I’m easy to put off things, and this constant ego massaging is what has kept this blog going.

blog stats 1

There is a shade of doubt still about what I’m writing – I don’t think I’m much of a critic, I don’t know how to express myself aside from liking or disliking things, but I hope you have enjoyed it. Fortunately WordPress allows me to see exactly what sort of things get read most, and the results are pretty clear.

blog stats 3

You might want to click this to read it, it’s a big small isn’t it?

It’s a little discouraging to see that a third of my views came from a single post that consists solely of pictures of 2013’s Eurovision male stars in various stages of undress. I’m not sure how the “Home Page / Archives” stats is counted; I hope it means that people coming in for one post are going to the home page to read more.

As you can see, Eurovision dominates the list, whether it means Eddie Razaz’s nipples, writeups of the shows themselves, or individual song writeups. A few exceptions include last month’s Perfume gig in London, with nearly all the hits coming from Japan – despite writing about Japanese artists before, I’d had hardly any hits from there before, and suddenly one well-timed post propelled Japan into my top 10 countries.

Lorraine Pascal’s Swiss Roll Bowl Cake has been the gift that kept on giving, one of my earliest posts (“Spectator Cookery”) attracting so much traffic that I wrote “Swiss Roll Bowl Cake?” to at least give those hungry surfers the recipe. I get spikes in the stats for those posts any time the programme is shown around the world.

The Great British Bake-off returns to UK screens next week, but I’m still wary after writing a now-hidden review of the show where I was rather critical of some of the contestants. Eventual winner John re-tweeted me and denounced me as a troll, causing a terrifying amount of traffic in one day and lots of hate mail. Oops. Sorry guys. Maybe I’ll just watch the next series.

I should watch the ABU TV Song Festival again, as it seems there was very sparse coverage of this – I thought it was rather good though, and I reaped the benefits of covering such a niche event.

World coverage is looking good:

blog stats 2

Anything not in white means I’ve had hits – including in China where WordPress is blocked(!) and Greenland. Central Africa is still a bit of a blind spot though. Eurovision has given my top 20 countries a very European flavour, though it’s surprising to see how far afield the blog goes. It’s quite a weird feeling to think of people reading this blog in French Polynesia, Syria, Mongolia, Vatican City, Palestine or Malawi! I hope one day every corner of this map will have colour.

blog stats 4

I do what I can to write on diverse topics rather than just be a blog about a particular thing, but it seems the search terms all have a certain regularity about it. From my top 100 search terms, 85 can be directly attributed to Eurovision, 93% of the hits from top 100 search terms. The remains are split between Swiss Roll Bowl Cake, the ABU TV Song Festival, a few random artists and curiously a lot of searches for “what does come on a cone mean?” referring to a Nicki Minaj album track. Don’t know how they found me, I don’t know what it means either!

Twitter has driven a fair bit of traffic too, follow @sambarino to keep updated. More traffic came from Facebook though, which is a bit odd as I don’t really promote on there, so other people must be doing it! Annoyingly I can’t see who, but thanks!

But anyway, enough stats. Thanks to everyone, tell your friends about this if you like it, re-tweet it, do whatever, and I’ll see you back here for the 200,000 view party!

Otherwise enjoy these videos that cover most bases: Farid Mammadov being sexy, Lorraine Pascal’s Swiss Roll Bowl Cake, and Perfume performing at the ABU TV Song Festival 2012.



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4 responses to “100,000 hits & stats blowout

  1. Mike

    Congrats on 100,000! That’s a lot of work on your part, nice job.

    Who knows, maybe the men of Copenhagen will get you 200,000 sooner than you think…


  2. Mike

    Sellout, give me a break! That’s a pretty exciting milestone, you have a right to be a little excited and brag a bit. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of writing the blog.

    Don’t be discouraged about so many of your hits came from the men of EV post; it was a GREAT post. There was demand, you satisfied it. Be proud of having of such a good idea. (Plus, something tells me you enjoyed collecting these images! Of course, I was disappointed you didn’t find any nude photos of the Greek contestants, but make sure no stone is left unturned next year…) You should be thinking of your next big click-bait blog entry (though maybe not the Nipples of the Great British Bake-off. Too obvious.)

    For the next 100,000, I wish you:
    – some really hot 2014 male EV entries who are not shy about showing off,
    – continued growth in readership and
    – safety from the psycho fans of the bake-off, seriously, be careful!

    • Haha I didn’t mean it to sound so downbeat, I just mean I write a LOT of stuff, and the views are totally dwarfed by one picture post. But you’re right, I did enjoy the ‘research’. Koza Mostra sadly remain at large 😦

      I don’t think Bake-off nipples will be very successful this year, a bit disappointing!

      Still, the ABU TV Song Festival is coming up, that’s about as niche as I can get!

      Anyway always lovely to hear from you, Mike! 🙂

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