Film: “The Heat” (2013)

It’s been a long, long week, so I didn’t want to tax my brain too much with anything too cerebral. Because usually I do, of course, as I can see by browsing through the movies I’ve seen recently… *ahem*

So to escape the heat of an unseasonably stereotypical summer, I saw “The Heat”. On seeing a snippet of the film in a “Summer of cinema” montage I was excited against my better judgement that there was going to be another “Miss Congeniality” movie. I was advised that no, it was a cop comedy where Sandra Bollock’s Gracie Hart (I mean, come on) gets paired up with an unlikely plus-sized partner who is really gross and obnoxious. I shrewdly (I do say so myself) expected this partner to be Melissa McCarthy – or “her off Bridesmaids” in my mind – and sure enough, here we are.

The odd couple angle is played a bit too extremely at the start, and for most of the movie. Sandra’s character is massively smug and while she gets the job done, she tests the likeability of Sandra to the limit (sidenote, Sandra still looks gorgeous). Likewise, after a spectacular opening scene, Melissa’s character is just SO horrible; foul-mouthed, short-tempered and violent. How can these people even be considered reasonable? It’s not a surreal comedy like a Will Ferrell film or anything…

the heatBut it’s all played for laughs fairly well. I might have not quite got into it the same way as the hooting chuckleheads in the audience did, but it was all good-spirited fun. It was just a bit directionless, I felt like it was trying so hard to contrast the two partners and eventually give them a bond that the actual plot fell by the wayside a bit. The big case to solve was all a bit muddled and resolved really weirdly at the end.

Supporting cast were alright, there weren’t many – a few forgettably clichéd baddies, a cardboard cutout of a big FBI boss, an asshole albino and a surprisingly sexy Marlon Wayans (OMG). Melissa’s character’s family were rowdy in a nondescript way, even poor Jane Curtin (her off “Third Rock From The Sun”) was just a shrivelled footnote.

It was decent fun, I won’t sound like a total killjoy – it was pretty much as good as I expected it to be. Disposable, predictable but still quite warm and funny. You’ll know how much you’ll like it before you go. I’m all for more Sandra Bollock on the big screen anyway (excited for “Gravity”), even if it’s pretty safe ground for her.


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