Single: The Wanted – “We own the night” (2013)

It’s been a hard week, I’m exhausted from work but I’ll be back to normal soon (ha!). So for another night let’s look at a big new release. Of course in the context of Katy & Gaga, The Wanted are pretty small fry. I think it’s reasonable to say they aren’t going to hit the heights of One Direction, but for now their transatlantic profile is staying fairly consistent.

the wanted we own the nightOr at least on paper. In the States, they’ve had four Hot 100 entries, including triple-platinum top 3 hit “Glad you came”. Back home, they’ve had an impressive seven top 3 hits, even if they seem to have a problem with longevity. “Glad you came” still remains the one to beat, and on that note they are starting to diversify their sound a bit.

Upcoming third album “Word of mouth” is shaping up to be an unpredictable mix, with dancey “Chasing the sun” & “I found you” being joined by poppy “Walks like Rihanna” and now the midtempo singalong “We own the night”. But still, I enjoyed their second album “Battleground” and I’m looking forward to this. Just get that album out quick, guys, I don’t think they’ll survive the Christmas Battle Royale this time (just look at JLS).

Their fanbase has mobilised though, and it’s racked up a million views on Youtube in 2 days. It’s growing on me though, and once again I find myself giving them the benefit of the doubt as one of the more likeable boybands at the moment.

the wantedThe first thing I felt though was “isn’t this just an Eric Saade song?”. That’s not a bad thing in itself, I love Eric Saade, but this is a grower, not a shower.

Those lyrics are beyond idiotic though, especially those verses, just what the hell is it about? Just being a ‘legend’ because they are young and because they say so? Ugh… at least the chorus is pretty catchy, and while I wasn’t initially impressed, it’s a bit of an earworm.

How old IS Max? I’m sure he was in a boyband looking exactly the same in 2006 or something, and he looks NO DIFFERENT. Except he doesn’t have his bum out this time, more’s the pity.

Viable British boybands are few and far between now, and if you aren’t a 1D fan you’re pretty much stuck with The Wanted or Lawson, right? They might basically be the male version of The Saturdays, but I think popworld is all the better for having them in it.


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