Single: Katy Perry – “Roar” (2013)

Now, where were we? After Gaga gatecrashed Katy’s party yesterday after leaks seemingly prompted her to bring the debut of “Audience” forward a week, I’ll have a look at Katy’s contender tonight.

katy perry roarI think there wasn’t much more she could have done with the “Teenage Dream” campaign. That was a solid set of singles, including five US #1s, something that only Michael Jackson managed. Its later re-issue floundered a little bit, I didn’t think the songs were up to much, but she still managed eight double-platinum singles in the US, so she’s perhaps got the drop on Gaga in terms of success on the singles chart.

I loved the “Teenage Dream” singles for the most part, but I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed by “Roar”, the first single from her upcoming “Prism” album. I’m sure it’ll do well regardless, I just expect something more striking from Katy, and this feels quite ordinary.

I mean the candy-coloured wigs that she’s taken pains to distance herself from this time did get a bit old, but if she’s reinventing herself as something a bit more authentic now, it’s not quite washing. Instead we get (presumably) natural hair colour, sullen expressions that I take it are meant to be fierce. I mean, we’re gonna hear her roar right? Riiiight???

katy perry roar promoBut no, “Roar” is your standard ‘overcoming adversity’ self-help anthem, with THE most banal lyrics. The verses as they stand just end up annoying me. The chorus is still a bit too sedate and… is it supposed to be playing on the success of Fun? (FYI I refuse to compromise the readability of my writing because of Fun’s typographical choices).

It’s sort of catchy, but perhaps only because it’s repeated so many times. I don’t really like how she sings the word ‘roar’, it’s not very forceful is it? RoooaaaaARRR. She sings like it should have a question-mark at the end. Considering it’s a Dr Luke & Max Martin production, I just expected something a bit more assured. It climaxes just fine in the end but still…

I’ll still be excited for the album, don’t get me wrong. Only the most narrow-minded trolls will write off a whole album/career on the strength of one single they don’t like, and indeed there have been plenty of those making their feelings about Katy & Gaga known at length over the last 24 hours, I’ll try to avoid it where possible.

But for all this buildup, she’d better have something to roar about when the album drops, or I’ll be hugely disappointed. I don’t even have the energy to make my shit joke work about how it’s not so much roar, more undercooked … *klunk*



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