Single: Lady Gaga – “Applause” (2013)

Ooh bombshell, Gaga’s back. Apologies to poor Katy Perry who had a slick looking campaign of teasers for her new song “Roar” that also debuted today, but I didn’t really like it that much on the first listen, and Gaga’s emergency leak has rained on her parade a bit . But I’ll get to it. After some grotty low-quality leaks emerged, Gaga seemed keen not to lose the element of surprise, and unleashed the long-awaited lead single for third album “ARTPOP” on an unsuspecting US radio earlier today.

lady gaga applauseSo how is it? Very instant with a strong melody, and definitely unmistakeably Gaga. After an OTT backlash from her last comeback single “Born this way”, she takes the less risky strategy of making this all about the FANZ. With some nods to her ‘monsters’ and their irregular nature, it doesn’t exclude anyone from the party, and invites everyone to feed her with their applause because that’s what she gets off on.

I’ve seen criticism already that it’s a generic dance number, but I daresay a lot of people would still be whipping her if she did something more leftfield. I think those unhinged vocals on the verses and those 8-bit keyboard stabs set it a little apart from the usual. Oh what’s that point though, this is the internet, there are killjoys around every corner.

gaga artpopIt’s energetic and an amazingly obvious dance smash in the making. Many (including me) were putting on brave faces, hoping for more POP than ART, and it seems we’ve got our wish. This isn’t high concept stuff, it’s as easily sellable as Black Eyed Peas’ “I gotta feeling” but without the banal lyrics. I can imagine plenty of people losing their shit to this anyway, and I suspect that’s the point. The long-running “ARTPOP” story arc might have been a case study in the potential for megastars to disappear up their own arses, but she’s come up with the goods.

This is all good news, and it heralds the start of what looks to be a hot second half of the year. The album might still turn out to be shite, but this is definitely a good sign.

You can listen here for now, I can’t get the embedding to work:

I’m sure the lyric video (or even the actual video) won’t be far behind though…



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