Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Baby you’re a firework

ooh ahhAugust is firework month in New Leaf, and every Sunday evening from 7pm is dominated by what must be an astronomically expensive firework show. Seriously, 4 five hour long fireworks displays?! That will bankrupt a town in no time. Still, it’s very pretty, and the villagers seem to be enjoying it. Margie was getting a little too into the spirit, but I suppose it’s understandable.

With this special time of year that’s presumably just padding out the year between Easter and Autumn, there is a whole host of swag to get your hands on. First up, via Wi-Fi, you can get a snazzy firework table from the Post Office, just by asking if there are any presents to pick up. Not sure what it will go with, but the round black table with neon firework patterns will surely look nice somewhere … right?

fireworkIsabelle will be found out on the plaza during the day, along with creepy merchant Redd who has set up a little shack. During the display, Isabelle will give you some cool deeley-boppers to wear, while Redd will charge 500 bells for a fortune cookie. The tickets you find (just like the ones in Nooks) could get you one of 8 special prizes, and even losing tickets will get you a free firework. I didn’t think much to the prizes though, it’s an odd selection with no real theme. But collectors will be pleased to learn you can play as many times as you like in order to get the full collection.

cccp fireworkI think the only one I’ll keep is the Lovely Phone. Gaudy and pink, but it links you to a psychic hotline that gives advice on what lucky clothes to wear. Maybe it’s useful if you keep falling down one day (this happened to me).

Isabelle will also let you submit some of your custom designs to turn them into fireworks. I haven’t really got any good designs yet, but my Soviet design has a suitably oppressive appeal in the night sky, doesn’t it?

katrina cute bottomsGoing back to psychic predictions, Katrina paid me another visit, I think I’m up to about 5 or 6 now – 20 visits will convince her to move into Main Street. But she had other things on her mind this week, suggesting that “cute bottoms” were what I needed to turn my luck around. Tell me something I don’t know, Kat! YEEEEEEEEE!!

What else is going on? I’m well on my way to that elusive golden watering can, I think my 15th day of having a perfect town is going to come at some point during the week, I think Friday. I just need to keep buying saplings from Leif to get that golden axe as well, and my major landscaping plan can start. I have WAY too many trees, and I want to make things a little more ordered. But those plans would certainly not give me a perfect town rating, so I’m holding off until I have my golden can.

drago crazyThe excitement is getting to my villagers, some of whom are saying stranger and stranger things. Drago had a sudden outpouring of emotion towards Kabuki, reeling off a list of his qualities. This is what you get for listening in on inter-villager conversations. I still think that’s one of the best things in the game. I don’t know where the writers get it all from though…

peck crazyKabuki got a second dose of insanity later one, when Peck unexplainably started yelling HOWDY at him. We never found out what was going on there … a little worrying. That photo nicely draws attention to my progress on the hybrid flowers though. It’s a little slow, and I think my landscaping project will involve re-jigging my hybrid beds to try and get the remaining types. No black flowers at all yet, am I doing something wrong?

I wish I had set my sights a little lower, and could appreciate the smaller things, like dear Peck does.

peck dreams



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