Single: Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull – “Live it up” (2013)

Yes yes, I know, another single that’s been and gone, and only now I’m getting around to it. Well I don’t care, I’ve had a long day, and this is a MAX TRACK.

I like Jennifer Lopez. She’s consistently (sorta) popped out some solid chart hits over nearly 14 YEARS now. It was easy to write her off a bit after 2007 when the hits dried up, but then she came back with that enormo-smash “On the floor“. While that didn’t quite seem to get her back up to the level of hit-making that she had in her golden era, it certainly showed that there was life in her career yet.

Its parent album “Love?” did reasonably, but she seems a bit scattered at the moment. A greatest hits collection  was eventually released to fulfil her record contract, but now what? She appears to be gearing up for an eighth studio album, with a new contract at Capitol, and RedOne on producing duties. Hell, Pitbull’s even here again, we just need to get another “On the floor” together and we might be in business.

jennifer lopez“Live it up” is certainly in the same vein, albeit without a sample driving the action. For my money, it’s really quite good. Pitbull does pretty much what he normally does, but takes a surprisingly reverential tone when rapping about Ms Lopez. I never really had her down as a legend, but I guess she’s really been one of THE big celebrities for quite a while, and to still be having decent hits 14 years later is pretty impressive.

It’s your standard issue dance-pop club banger from RedOne, who hasn’t lost his touch yet. It’s not really ABOUT anything, just the usual YOLO fare. But those little electro jingles in the verses are catchy. Then there’s that hook, “make love, don’t fight, *kiss kiss* *POP*”, it’s totally stuck in my head. Then there’s that intense amping up of the energy straight after, your old dance breakdown moment. It’s not a simple recipe, but RedOne seems to have the knack of making it work.

It might not have the singalong euphoria of “On the floor”, but it’s a great sampler for the new album. And how gorgeous is she in that video? Incredible. I can’t believe she’s 66!


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