Album: Perfume – “Complete Best” (2006)

This is probably a review best served with my other review of “Fan Service Prima Box“, as there is a fair amount of overlap. I’m not going to talk about songs I’ve already reviewed, so I will look at the remains of the “Complete Best” collection. The album attempted to summarise the girls’ career to date, who were yet to release a full studio album.

perfume complete bestReleasing a steady stream of singles through the first half of the 00’s, Perfume were ready to start consolidating their fanbase. Debut album “Game” was still a few years away, but they had a strong selection of songs to their name. The collection didn’t really take off in Japan, and indeed it only reached its chart peak when “Game” was released. Either way, I do love a lot of the songs on here.

08 Perfect star perfect style – A chilled out summer intro, a simple beat kicks in before the tempo increases. It’s quite retro – can I use that adjective with 90s music, that makes me feel old. It sounds bright and is a lovely happy start to the album. I love some of the little electro melody segments that aren’t really part of the tune, they are just like background shading that makes the overall picture so much more enjoyable.

07 Linear motor girl – If I had any criticism of early Perfume, it’s their playing a bit too much on the quirky technological angle. I mean what is a linear motor girl? It feels like it’s more about giving the group a gimmick than the tune. That said, the song is a bit disjointed but it’s still quite fun. The verses in particular are cute and bouncy. But they’ve done better.

06 Computer city – More random technological words thrown in … they were based in Tokyo’s technological ground-zero Akihabara while a lot of these songs were made so I guess it fits into their image at the time. This one is a bit nondescript though, and at nearly 5 minutes long is outstays its welcome quite soon. It’s OK.

10 Electro World – I first heard this at the London gig last month and fell in love with it. That moody intro with that keyboard riff is such a great start to it. From there the only way is up. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it flows so well … the chorus is great, and even the brief rocky moments fit nicely. For me this is the first real sign of the confident group we have today.

07 Foundation – It’s hard to follow that one, and the song does struggle. There’s not a lot to it, the vocals seem a bit low in energy, and the music doesn’t have quite the same pulse to it. It’s pleasant enough but the melody just isn’t grabbing me.

08 Computer driving – What does this mean?! Oh well, I think I’d given up understanding a lot of this a while ago. This sounds more like the older stuff though, that 8-bit pop sound is still great, it just reminds me of playing an old Megadrive game or something. Bouncy and pacey, even if it feels like they are getting a bit samey. At least the melody is quite strong, I like this one.

09 Perfume – You don’t get a lot of songs named after the band, do you? You get it all the time with albums, but not singles. Fortunately this is a fine advertisement for the band, bursting with energy and a manic melody. That feeling of playing a special stage in a computer game is still there – in fact this sounds rather a lot like the invincibility music from Super Mario in places. Love the tacky little glitter sound effects too, kawaiiii!

06 wonder2 – Bit of a weird one to finish on, people expecting another “Electro World” will be left wanting, sadly. The intro is similar but the song is a bit of a faceless robotic bit of midtempo electro music. It’s OK but the voices are just so expressionless. The rhythm is precise as always, it doesn’t sound unlike them, but I just don’t really love it. The chorus is probably the best bit and that’s just “la laaa, la laaa” over and over

So there we are – I think there are a few other songs I haven’t covered, so once I’ve managed to collect them together I might do a B-sides and rarities post to look at these, I know there are a few new tracks on recent “Love the world” compilation, I’ll get there in the end!

But all this just reaffirmed that I love these girls. I might have preferred the Prima Box tracks to the rest of the disc, but at least they are a group who just seem to be getting better and better, I’m so excited for the new album, now announced for October!



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