Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Ladder to success

It finally arrived! After much toil, gardening and the systematic extermination of island species, I have something to show for all my hours. A Jacob’s Ladder. The flower itself isn’t much to look at, a pretty flower with little white bells, it’s more what it represents.

jacobs ladderThis snootiest of all plants only grows when a village has reached perfection. Back in Animal Crossing: Wild World this just constitutes an ecosystem in balance; a nice even spread of trees & flowers, and no weeds & trash. This time the elusive bloom also considers the infrastructure of the town. In AC:NL, perfect town status is attained with 110-200 trees, 75+ flowers and 10+ public works projects, however Main Street projects such as the Dream Suite, Club LOL and museum expansion don’t count towards this.

freckles freaksCheck with Isabelle every day what the citizen satisfaction is, and hopefully she’ll give the perfect feedback. If you ask her 15 days in a row and get the perfect rating (beware, I think there might be 3 different perfect comments she could say so don’t get too worried), she will give you a golden watering can, capable of watering a 3×3 area of flowers in one go.

While I remember, if you buy at least 50 seeds from Leif he will hand over a silver watering can. This is good if you have big hybrid beds; if you water a flower, it will also water the 4 adjacent spaces. Though it’s a bit of a pain to aim, my arm keeps lurching around to one side which is quite irritating, but whatever.

kabuki kicks offThe hot weather seems to have brought out the worst in some of my villagers, I’ve caught two of them having angry discussions with other villagers. I hope there isn’t going to be a riot, won’t somebody please think of the flowers?!

police station openMaybe I can ask for support from the 10th public project that opened this week – the police station. I thought the modern look was really ugly so I’ve opted for the classic wooden shack. Booker is as hapless as ever, the sole police dog in the village. The station holds lost & found items (I’ll be taking those…) and most helpfully Booker can tell you if a special visitor is in town. This is great because I keep missing Gulliver now I’ve not had much time for ocean fishing, so Booker tipped me off this morning.

gulliver in distressGulliver is as trippy as ever, this time washing up on my shores after falling overboard en route to Sweden. I successfully set him off in the right direction, I wonder what I’m going to get from him in the mail? I can add it to my new exhibit in the museum. I’ve opened all the halls now, if only to deal with some of the junk in my house. So I’ve got a gyroid exhibit, a Nintendo junk exhibit, a “World travel” room with all sort of random landmarks and traditional doo-dads. Finally I’ve opened up a space exhibit which is looking quite nice – the frog hat on a mannequin looks amazingly alien! Annoyingly though you can’t use your designs as wallpaper in the museum, I need a nice starry night backdrop for it before I’m happy.

achooFreeing up room in my house has given me a chance to redecorate. My top floor now has its Heaven theme, cloud floor & sky wall with regal furniture. I just need to expand it & complete the regal set, and add any other heavenly objects I can find. My gold furniture is in the right-hand room, I might give it a jungle theme, more Aztec than Arabian I think. I’ve kept my Alpine main room for now but it’s a bit cluttered. My left-hand room is coming along, it’s a bit of a restaurant: salad bar, dessert case, sushi conveyor, slushie machine and an arcade machine. It’s looking cramped so we’ll see how that develops.

All that has meant I’ve now got a golden plaque from the HRA for 70,000 points, hooray! Here’s to 100K…

Oh oh I nearly forgot – August is Fireworks month, so each Saturday will have a cool fireworks display. If you ask about a present at the Post Office in August you’ll get a jazzy Firework Table. The shop has also swapped the Nintendo fortune cookies for firework junk, so stock up while you can!



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