Single: Selena Gomez – “Come and get it” (2013)

What happened to The Scene? I barely knew ye… ehh *shrug*, this was always a Selena solo project by another name, wasn’t it? Though if her current solo hit is anything to go by, it might as well be a Rihanna solo project. She even sings “I hate the way I love you” in this one!

Taking inspiration whatever ethnicity looks good on film (aka the ‘Tribal slut’ look), this is certainly a big push that seems to be paying off Stateside, securing her a first top 10 hit (top 20, even) and a #1 album.

I haven’t properly explored Selena’s musical career to date, but I have really enjoyed earlier singles “Naturally”, “Round & Round” and “Love you like a love song”, so I’m certainly up for another female A-list popstar – at least one that isn’t as crazy as most of her fellow teen stars ended up (oh hai, Miley). I just wish I liked the song a bit more.

Nothing wrong with it, certainly Rihanna’s had hits with similar-sounding stuff but this just feels a bit watered down. The chorus is functionally catchy but I’m not sure I’ll really love it, or even remember it as anything as the time when Selena really broke through.

selena gomez come and get itPerhaps that’s jumping the gun a bit, but things are looking hopeful. It just feels like the sexy new look wasn’t so calculated. Don’t get me wrong, she looks stunning, and that video looks amazing – those landscape shots are incredible, the colours and the mountains are beautiful. Selena’s reinvention as some sexual force of nature by the extended intro, sexy slo-mo looks to camera, it’s made by a master of their craft.

But as I said, she’s had better songs, and I wonder what direction she wants to go in. I’ll need a little more convincing before I stop thinking that direction is “backup Rihanna”.


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