Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Dream a little dream of me

I have really been letting my AC duties slide during this busy time, but I have still always put in some time each day to do my daily activities: Fossil digging, brown flower watering, buying any new junk from the shops. If I’m there early enough, I’ll take some fruit to Dr Shrunk to get a new emotion, I think I’ve got 15 now… still a long way to go before I can express the full breadth of human emotion. Today I learned how to sneeze. I didn’t realise sneezing is an emotion, but there we are.

kabuki hates rainPlaying half-asleep hasn’t always gone entirely to plan, especially yesterday when I failed to bury a time capsule for Kabuki before I went to sleep. When I tried to do it today, I accidentally opened it. Kabuki demanded the parcel back since I hadn’t buried it, and was annoyed to see that I’d opened it all up. I’ll mail the present back to him I suppose, as a gesture of goodwill.

Something I really wish I did a bit more often was the Dream Suite. I do check in there fairly regularly to update my dream village online, so people can visit it.

My dream address is 7100-2191-7242, please stop by!

I love that you can search by country though, I just need to find a decent town to visit. How is yours? Comment on this post with your dream address and I’ll visit!

Nook’s shop has closed again for a refurb, this time becoming T.I.Y., incorporating Leif’s gardening shop. Apparently you need to spend 50,000 bells in the shop, and wait 21 days since the last upgrade, so that’s on the way.

lighthouse opensI need to do some redecorating in my house, I think I’m going to put the “world travel” theme stuff in the museum and make my “heaven” theme upstairs with the cloud floor, sky wall and regal furniture, as well as any other heavenly things I can find. I might make a push to expand some more of my rooms too, I’ve just done the first upgrade on my third extra room, but I don’t think I’ve expanded any of them past the 2nd upgrade. It’s hard to do that and balance the town projects too. I need to blitz the island a bit more to get some big bells. I’ve paid off the gorgeous lighthouse by the cliffs now, and have finally been asked to built a police station, so that’s my next job.

I’m still only on 9 villagers though, I wonder when Deirdre’s replacement will turn up. They’ve better not fuck with my flowerbeds… Mallary (who inexplicably turns out to be a girl) was going to move out, and with a heavy heart I was going to let her go. She brought the subject up again the following day and announced that she had realised she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving and had changed her mind. I got a bit emotional… I guess Freckles needs to go then, I don’t need two ducks. Curly needs to get the hint though.

peck birthdayKabuki and Curly both had birthdays on consecutive days last week, and I managed to attend both parties. I gave Kabuki a gift-wrapped pinball table, but forgot to get Curly anything so he got a pear. Whoops. He liked it though, the chump.

I guess that’s about it for now, I guess if I wrap up this blog post, I can do something substantial…


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