Whew… I don’t know if I mentioned, but I’ve been working over the weekend. It’s a hotel event that kicked off (for me at least) on Thursday. It’s a loooong weekend, and while I get a decent amount of overtime out of it, it’s still a bit of a slog.


This, but with nicer clothes

Generally things have been going well, and only a dodgy photocopier has blotted what would otherwise have been a fairly hitch-free weekend. I even banged my head on the damn paper tray while trying to clear a jam, and I have a nice red bump on my forehead to show for it. Ow.

So I’m tired. Most of the excitement today was tied up by 11am (after a 7.30 start), but staying late to get bits and bobs done, and then staying for dinner there has just exhausted me. I apologise that this means you won’t get an extravagant blog post from me today, but I hope you understand. I’ll do better next week.

My back is really hurting too, I think I dislodged my ass-bone or something, WTF?

So to keep you all happy, here is a funny cat video for the cat fans, and a hot performance from 90s chanteuse Tina Arena to keep you busy. Laterz xxoxx


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