Single: One Direction – “Best Song Ever” (2013)

Brace yourselves, it’s the slippery slope down to Christmas, and the big artists are getting their plans together. For better or worse, this category now contains One Direction, and since their album campaigns seem to have all the longevity of a daddy-long-legs, the third album is on the way.

one direction  best song everSyco have been saving up their pocket money though, and a glossy video has just ‘dropped’. Let’s hope they remembered to have a decent song too.

Well at the very least it’s different to anything they’ve released so far, a relief after their  rather repetitive (and hit-and-miss) sound of the last few albums. It’s not really much of a departure for a boyband though; a few guitars and a decent hook. I suppose that’s all people are after these days, and they’ve resisted the urge to take it to the clubz (more’s the pity).

Fortunately the song isn’t claiming to be the best ever, but it’s pretty good. I’m struggling to get too excited about it … why couldn’t “Kiss you” have been a bigger hit? I don’t understand kids these days. It feels like I’ve heard bits of it before, what does it remind me of?

one directionThe video shows some promise, with the guys asserting their creative control over their image (ha!!) by saying no to a lot of bad styling ideas, gay choreographers and general advice from out-of-touch millionaire record bosses. Maybe it would be more effective if the choreo being somewhere between that shitty routine from “One way or another” and yobby jumping around like they are drunk at a music festival. Also people with that many vile tattoos need to think hard about whose style advice they are taking…

There are a few good turns as the boys take on heavily made-up roles, with Louis and Niall as 40-something record producers, Zayn as a worryingly convincing female intern, Harry with a nerd outfit on, and Liam wearing a sweatband and mincing around.

I think I’m just too old, I’ve seen all this before. There’s some irony in a video hellbent on demonstrating how unlike all the other boybands they are, via a video treatment that’s been done so many times – most recently (and more sexily but still idiotically) by The Wanted with “She Walks Like Rihanna“.

Still, the song is decent. While they are yet to convince me of their world-class standard, apart from their rabid fanbase, it’s progress.


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