I WAS going to post a no-doubt-amazing review for “Despicable Me 2” tonight. That will have to wait, there are bugs in my room.

evil mothIf you are in the UK, you are no doubt aware of the recent heatwave that has swept the country over the last two weeks. If you aren’t in the UK, you are most likely fighting forest fires or sharknados (that’s a thing now) or monsoons or something, so please don’t mind me.

While it’s always nice to have some hot weather – God knows we were expecting another washout of a summer – in typical British fashion I’m still not quite enjoying it. Mostly it’s the evenings, they are so warm… for the British it is at least. I mean we don’t have air conditioning or anything because we don’t have to deal with it.

This week, my evenings usually end up with me rolling over my duvet looking for cold spots. There are no lights on because the window is open, and all manner of bugs are just dying to get all up in my business. That happened today, there was a moth the size of an owl sitting on my wall. It was huge, it must have had a spine… and as an ugly version of a butterfly, it had to be feared and removed. It has an ingenious defence though – it leaves all that crap on the wall if you squish it. This one would have probably left gore on the wall.

evil moth 2After chasing it, and being chased by it, it sat on a carrier bag that I amazingly managed to pick up and shake out of the window. But there are others… where did that other little moth go? Did that little spider really make ALL those cobwebs?? Finally, what the hell is that on the inside of my window? I’m 99% sure it’s poop, a little trail and a puddle. Is that moth poop?? What the hell??

I’m a nervous wreck.

Either way, for the next 5 days I will be working in a hotel conference centre doing an event thing. So yes that includes the weekend. Huff… let’s just hope it’s air-conditioned.

Now if you don’t mind, I need to cower in fear in the darkness. This laptop gives off far too much light. Laters! xxoxxo

PS I was going to post a video of some terrifying insects but I couldn’t even bring myself to click the thumbnail. Let’s huddle for safety and watch a fluffy kitten being oppressed by some glittery crap.


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