Single: Mutya Keisha Siobhan – “Flatline” (2013)

Wow, that name really isn’t getting any catchier is it? Either way, the original members of the Sugababes have reunited and formed their own band – with their replacements continuing with the Sugababes name. Actually, what ARE those girls up to?

mutya keisha siobhanEither way it’s been a long time coming, with a seemingly endless wait for an actual musical release finally ending this month with “Flatline” premiering on Soundcloud (how modern!…). Fortunately, after all that time it’s pretty good.

The consensus seemed to be “Uh oh… oh wait no it’s alright… WOW I LOVE IT … ugh it’s not going to be a hit is it?”, completing the usual internet buzz cycle with impressive speed. With the internet fanz convinced it’s too good to be successful, it’s just down to the public to catch up. They’ve got plenty of time at least, and the release eventually coming on 2nd September. Hope Radio 1 are on board.

Anyway, one thing at a time. What about the song? It’s definitely the sort of thing I imagine Radio 1 loving, it’s very slick and sophisticated. It’s almost easy to forget that the various disasters that have befallen the good ‘Babes name over the last 7 years. I love that weird plinky guitar backdrop to it, reminds me of Fleetwood Mack or something.

mutya keisha siobhan 2The girls’ voices are as distinctive as ever, particularly Keisha. The verses are pretty good but it’s really the chorus I fell in love with. Those harmonies!! Really blissful. The drums kicking in for the middle-eight are a great gear-shift too. I mean if Bastille can get one of the biggest hits of the year, I’m sure this can catch on.

The Sugababes saga has been one of the enduring stories of 21st century pop music, and just when I thought it was over, the original girls might turn the whole thing on its head. It remains to be seen if they can hit the commercial heights they once hit, but if the album (due 2014) is in a similar vein, I don’t think the fans will be disappointed.

Welcome back.


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