Animal Crossing: New leaf – Going for Gold

It’s been a little while since my last update (I’m sure you were on the edges of your seats), but I suppose it’s been a fairly busy week.

Last Saturday saw the year’s 2nd Bug Off tournament, and thankfully having access to the island tipped the odds in my favour. I stocked up on all sorts of beetles, with the hope of trying to stock up on Bug-off furniture. You get these for breaking the current first-place record on bug points, with a score of 80+. You can do this repeatedly but you need to make sure you don’t set the watermark too high. Unfortunately this is very difficult as the bugs have fairly random qualities that massively affect their scores.

bug off 1 bug off 4

I submitted them in order of rarity, though you are unlikely to reach the 80+ threshold without one of the premium insects. I’m talking the big money beetles (Giant stag, Cyclommatus, Horned Elephant, Rainbow Stag etc.) or elusive ones like the Birdwing butterfly, and (surprisingly) the Oak Silk Moth. Even higher value are the Golden Stag & Horned Hercules though, so play that trump card last if you can find one.

Not only did I managed to improve on last month’s bronze to pick up the gold trophy, I also managed to get a ladybug rug, stag chair and a caterpillar sofa. Not too shabby! But with only one Bug Off left, I don’t hold out much hope on getting a full set. I also have my doubts about contest administrator Nat…

bug off 2 bug off 3

roid rageWith cupboard space at an all-time low, I decided to put some of the crap that for some reason I don’t want to sell into a museum exhibit. Why I’d ever want that many gyroids is beyond me, but I can’t buy them, and I sort of want to collect them all … so I have a “Roid Rage” exhibit now. It’s a bit creepy. Another exhibition I filled with a hotchpotch of Nintendo junk. It’s not looking too bad, a bit of a mess though. I have plenty of swaps of things, so if you’re after anything in particular, leave a comment and maybe I can help you out.

deirdre leavesIn other news, I was devastated to see that my dear Deirdre was moving out, and having already packed her boxes, was not going to change her mind. Tragic … even more tragic that I honestly felt quite sad about it. Still that fucking pig is still living in my village with his tedious small-talk about working out. I might start clobbering him with the butterfly net until he gets the point. Farewell, Deirdre 😦 But at least I got some wise words from Katrina on the matter…


turban 1turban 2The Able Sisters might be quite open-minded about cross-dressing, but they do seem to be a little ignorant about religious dress. Personally I associate turbans with Sikhs, but Labelle has seen too many Disney movies…

Still, I suppose if you spend all day selling costumes that enable people to dress up like melons and tangerines, your imagination may end up drifting towards the more colourful ideas.

Finally, I remembered one of my favourite bits of this game: teaching new slang to your villagers. With Deirdre gone, there is an opening for the most ‘street’ animal in my village, and Mallary didn’t hang around…

mallary innit




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  1. Hahaha I love this!! Well done.

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