Single: Lawson ft B.O.B. – “Brokenhearted” (2013)

Oh you know, I love Lawson. I wasn’t expecting to, but after a bunch of singles ranging from decent to amazeballs, and a pretty good debut album, I was firmly on board.

lawson brokenheartedI’m wavering now, as they return with a new single and a new sound. I SAY new, it’s just Maroon 5, innit? Sigh. I mean it makes decent commercial sense to align yourself with one of the biggest radio acts of the moment.

I guess this is the “trying to break America” single? They’ve got a guest rapper to help them out, B.O.B. who is celebrating 3 years of trying to make it happen. In fairness he’s had a handful of pretty huge hits – that one Bruno Mars debuted on, that one with her off Paramore, and Price Tag with Jessie J. Although I somehow totally forgot he was on that … ah well, nothing like a Transatlantic hookup to show up the desperation on both sides eh?

lawson nakedI think I’m not just getting over this just being a Maroon 5 song, at least his voice isn’t as whiney as Adam Levine. I just hope it pays off for them. What happened to the lead guy though, tall hair and ill-advised facial hair? I don’t approve… no matter how many naked photo shoots they do (this happened already).

It’s a decent song but just feels like I’ve heard it so many times before. Don’t mess it up, Lawson. B.O.B.’s contribution is as average as I thought – “Hey LAWWWson, wasserrrp?”. Did he just say “I don’t give a Massachussetts”??! Is that supposed to sound like “I don’t give a Massa-two-shits”?!? Christ alive, no wonder the fabric of society is coming apart at the seams. I need a lay down.

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