Single: Avicii ft Aloe Blacc – “Wake me up!” (2013)

It’s summer! I guess it has been for a little while, but we need some summer hitz already don’t we? If I prefer not to claim Robin Thicke’s inexplicably huge hit, we’ve got a big dance smash waiting in the wings to eclipse the biggest hits of the year.

Swedish DJ has slowly been accumulating hits across Europe, notably his first UK No.1 “I could be the one” at the start of the year. I thought that might as much as he could achieve really, but he’s about to score the biggest sales week of the year for his new single, looking to finish north of 200,000 copies by the end of its first week.

After his collaboration with Nicky Romero  on “I could be the one” – who turned out to be a male DJ rather than the female vocalist, whoops – he now teams up with Aloe Blacc. I’m not a big fan of what I’ve heard there, i.e. that annoying “I need a dollar” song, and some dreadful performance I saw in Germany without realising it was him.

Still, featured credits on a dance song are a different kettle of fish, and his distinctive voice sounds quite alright really. The lyrics haven’t really made much of an impact on me, a vaguely aspirational song about… actually no, I can’t get a grip on it, it’s just washing over me.

Fortunately it’s an Avicii song, not an Aloe Blacc song, and some simple commercial beats are thrown on top. I can’t say it’s changing my world but it’s reasonable. The little melody in the chorus is catchy, but the song feels like a bit of a cheap thrill. Despite huge sales, I’m still not convinced it will make such an impression on the public consciousness as songs like Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t you worry child”, but it’s at least taking itself a bit less seriously.

At least, rather this than Robin Thicke, eh?


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