Well SORT OF. Summer finally arrived in the UK a few weeks ago, and of course everyone’s complaining about it, just as they were complaining every week until it came because it was going to be another washout summer.

wicker-manIn fact, as recently as mid-June, the Met office had concluded that the UK were in for TEN YEARS of wet summers or maybe just five. It’s that easy to predict apparently. Well no, here we are with a second week of glorious sunshine.

I’ll enjoy it though, as long as I’m not being forced. I don’t feel obliged to sit out in the sun getting burnt, and it seems like I’ve avoided the usual pressure to do so. That said, I wouldn’t mind a break. I know I was only on holiday at the start of July but … actually there’s not really a good argument to get past that is there? Let’s just say I’m getting fed up at work and leave it there.

But it’ll all be fine once I get this week out the way. And next week, while I’m at it … and so on. So that’s why you’re getting a diary entry today that’s crummy even by my standards. Hey, at least it’s something if you don’t like Animal Crossing! I deserve a break anyway, I’ve popped out three album reviews in quick succession, I’m clearing my to-do list on my iPod. I think it’s only really Daft Punk I’ve got left to deal with. Only 2 months late, eh?

icecreamI had a lame few nights though. In between tidying the house for viewings (my landlady is trying to sell, did I say?), I’ve finally gotten around to watching Eurovision 2003 on Youtube. Part of my archaeological investigation into my favourite song contest. I’m slowing down though, I did 2004 a LONG time ago didn’t I? Either way, that’s coming soon. I just finished watching the voting, insanely close – if I’d been watching it at the time my head would have exploded I think.

I’m rambling now, perhaps that’s where I should stop. I’ll try to up my game tomorrow (I hate that phrase). I’m driving to Bath on Saturday for an overnight trip to my friend’s house. Shame it’s not a longer trip but maybe later in the year I can do that. Ugh that means I have to pre-blog something doesn’t it? *cracks knuckles* No I love it really… anyway as is custom, here’s an awesome Youtube clip to keep you busy, it’s been in my head all day. Later! xxooxo



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2 responses to “Heatwave

  1. Mike

    Enjoy your trip to lovely Bath. And, give yourself a break. You are quite a prolific blogger, treat yourself to a few days off!

    • Thanks Mike, always a pleasure to see your name pop up!

      Yes maybe I shouldn’t force the 1 post per day rule, I guess I’m just worried about losing momentum. I’ve got a nice run of 100+ view days now that is reaching its end, I just can’t accept it 😀

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