Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Many happy returns

I can’t really have TWO blog posts back to back about having a lovely birthday. Incidentally I did have a lovely evening, much fun was had, alcohol too, and I had to stand up on a bench and announce to the restaurant patrons that it was my 21st birthday (shut up), while the staff sang a rather scary military drill remix of a happy birthday song. I got a free slice of 9000-calorie cake with it though, so I’ll do anything… anyway yes, lovely evening – thanks to any readers involved!

birthday 5Casting my mind back to yesterday though, after overindulging in yet more calorific food, I was pretty tired but decided to continue my duties in Animal Crossing. Only I was surprised at the door of my (virtual) house by Kabuki. He led me to his house, where a handful of my villagers had organised a surprise party! Totally unexpected and completely adorable.

birthday 4After blowing out the candles (with the 3DS mic, interactive!), my villagers gave me a birthday cake table, and whistled happily around the room. A few villagers sent presents – Curly sent me a school chalkboard… what to get for the person who’s got everything, huh?

I’ve opened the Reset Center this week too, so Mr Resetti has a base for his furious attacks on villagers. It rained the day before, and was clear yesterday so the entrance to his base was open. Let’s just say I didn’t get quite the same warm reception as I did at my party…

resetti birthdaybirthday 3 birthday 2 birthday 1


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