Animal Crossing: New Leaf – The saga continues

You’ll no doubt all be overjoyed to hear that I’m not finding the game such a chore now I’ve sorted out my hybrid beds. Yes, I’ve set aside acres of my town in the pursuit of growing weird-coloured plants. That said, it’s making my fossil hunts a real pain the ass – and that’s when I find actual fossils, not pitfall seeds…

tumblr_mpot6nOdvH1qb6190o1_400Guess who finally got around to setting up the Nintendo 3DS Photo Share. I had to defrost my old Tumblr account especially! Hopefully it’ll add a bit of spice to the Animal Crossing diaries anyway.

As you can see, my hybrid beds leave a little to be desired. I didn’t want to totally destroy the trees in the area just yet (wait until I get that golden watering can…) so the cliff-side flower beds aren’t ideal.

To make things worse, while I wasn’t too sad to see Chadder leave, Savannah the Zebra promptly dumped her house down in my lily bed. Couldn’t she have taken out some of my damn pansies?

tumblr_mposyqvt791qb6190o1_400What else has been going on? I built the Reset Center for the furious Mr Resetti. I can’t say the emotional payoff was quite worth the pricetag, but at least that opens me to up to start work on the Roost Cafe. I might even pay that off tonight if I can go to the island to decimate the insect population again. Seriously that is THE best way to make bells. I made about 200,000 in one visit! Don’t bother with the little green beetles, and only fish if you see a fin!

I have a big bill for my house extension to take care of, maybe that will get me out of my rut a bit, if I have a new room to design. I took my 3DS to London when I saw Perfume, and got about 12 Streetpass hits, most of them with AC:NL houses that are now in my HRA showcase area. It’s a shame you can only buy 5 items from them a day, there’s SO much crap I want to buy!!

tumblr_mposxoQ7Tq1qb6190o1_400Shampoodle opened at the weekend too, after spending lots of bells on crap in Able’s. I don’t really wear a lot of different outfits, my Captain Birdseye outfit is fine for now. Until I get that completed Zap suit anyway… that said, I do enjoy some of the stupid costumes they have in there, particularly with Labelle’s deadpan explanations of when best to wear certain accessories.

The Dream Suite is rather addictive too, not only do I get 5,000 bells per day for syncing my town up to the dreamworld, I can also visit random peoples’ towns. I’ve been nosing in random Japanese and Russian towns, very interesting!!

If you are interested in visiting my town via the chaise-longue of the Dream Suite, my town address is 7100-2191-7242. I’ll feverishly keep checking my stats on there to see if anyone’s visited. Leave your town address in the comments below if you want me to visit!

I think I might add some “How To” posts in due course, I feel bad seeing people searching for particular features like Dr Shrunk, and not saying how to get them! I didn’t bother before though because I thought there would be loads of places to find that stuff.

Anyway, hope you enjoy playing, and my town too if you visit!


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