Eurovision 2013: Deleted Scenes

I’ve written plenty about Eurovision this year (check my Malmö 2013 hub for the whole sorry extent of it). So I think maybe that’s enough. Pictures are supposed to say 1,000 words, so here are tens of thousands of words to keep you busy. I’ll do a non-Eurovision write-up about Malmö the city later on. I must think of a way to share my photos better, any ideas?

Click on the thumbnails to see the full pictures. WordPress thoughtfully jumbled up the order once I uploaded them, so have fun working out where they were from. They are from variously:

  • Semi-Final 1
  • Semi-Final 2 Jury Rehearsal (i.e. the good ones where I was right at the front perving on Farid
  • Semi-Final 2
  • Grand Final Jury Rehearsal (look out for Russia winning)
  • A gig at the Euro Cafe featuring Eddie Razaz, Stockholm Syndrome & Pay-TV (gig review)
  • Eurovision events & decorations around Malmö

P1040391 P1040390 P1040388 P1040387 P1040385 P1040383 P1040378 P1040377 P1040375 P1040370 P1040368 P1040364 P1040361 P1040354 P1040353 P1040352 P1040349 P1040337 P1040331 P1040327 P1040324 P1040323 P1040321 P1040317 P1040316 P1040314 P1040313 P1040311 P1040309 P1040306 P1040304 P1040303 P1040302 P1040296 P1040291 P1040289 P1040287 P1040286 P1040285 P1040284 P1040282 P1040279 P1040275 P1040273 P1040271 P1040270 P1040269 P1040268 P1040267 P1040644 P1040643 P1040641 P1040638 P1040634 P1040632 P1040627 P1040623 P1040622 P1040616 P1040615 P1040611 P1040600 P1040598 P1040597 P1040595 P1040589 P1040582 P1040580 P1040575 P1040571 P1040567 P1040557 P1040555 P1040554 P1040553 P1040546 P1040543 P1040542 P1040531 P1040528 P1040524 P1040523 P1040519 P1040514 P1040505 P1040502 P1040498 P1040494 P1040491 P1040490 P1040486 P1040484 P1040480 P1040474 P1040472 P1040471 P1040466 P1040465 P1040462 P1040458 P1040454 P1040451 P1040448 P1040446 P1040445 P1040438 P1040435 P1040433 P1040432 P1040429 P1040428 P1040426 P1040421 P1040420 P1040416 P1040410 P1040405 P1040398 P1040397 P1040395 P1040394IMG_2346 IMG_2345 IMG_2343 IMG_2242   IMG_2241 IMG_2227 IMG_2216 IMG_2209  IMG_2205 IMG_2203 IMG_2202 IMG_2201IMG_2206IMG_2273 IMG_2252IMG_2336


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