Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Plateau?

Is the honeymoon over already? It can’t be, can it? It’s not even been a month! Perhaps it’s more indicative of my mood at the moment than anything, but I’m in rut. Every day is the same – get up, water flowers, dig up fossils, browse the shops. If I still play after that point, I busy myself getting even more enormous sums of bells to pay off Tom Nook or pay off the latest community project.

animal crossing club lolI think I need to spice up my life a little bit. Sure, there are a few things going on in my town. The new Shampoodle salon looks to be under construction, and Club LOL finally opened its doors. It’s a bit pointless but still brought a smile to my craggy face when I had a bit of a dance in there with some friends.

Chaddy or whatever his name is – the cheese-patterned mouse – says he’s moving out tomorrow, and I did nothing to stop him. I want a freaky new villager! Watch this space. They’d BETTER not stick their house down in the middle of my rose bed though. Perhaps that’s something I can do, I want some hybrid flowers and I’ve not really sorted those out yet.

animal crossing pascalMy house is coming on nicely though, my third room has been expanded and the themes are coming together. I’ve got Alpine, Nintendo and Space-themed rooms. Not sure what I really want though (story of my life). That 498,000 bell bill is looking a bit steep at the moment though. Mr Resetti might have to wait for his Reset Center.

I’ve got a rather fetching diving suit now though, so I can do the rather thankless task of deep-sea diving in my town now. It’s not very lucrative, though catching a slippery scallop triggers a rather trippy encounter with Pascal the otter, who trades it for some nautical item.

Ooh and I did my first Club Tortimer tour, meeting Japanese schoolgirl Ayu. I feel like a creep now, but she was very pleased I could say some Japanese stuff to her like a goon. Interesting! Also I like that you can use the Dream Suite to go to random towns and have a nose around, I might do some of that tonight, screw the flowerbeds!


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